Now that the album has been out for a while, fans have had the time to listen to it on repeat and analyze all the hidden references. The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift came in the midst of her past breakup with Joe Alwyn and her recent whirlwind romance with football player Travis Kelce.

Not only that, the album reportedly contains a diss track about a feud with Kim Kardashian that left fans shocked and scrambling for answers. Take it from Taylor Swift to write incredible songs about her feelings as if music is her personal diary she feels safest confiding in.

Taylor Swift Sings About Joe Alwyn Breakup in The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Fortnight from The Tortured Poets Department

Throughout the 6 years Joe Alwyn dated Taylor Swift, the couple kept their personal lives private, away from the prying eyes of the media. Given Swift’s popularity, they knew it was best to date in private than to have every action of theirs make headlines for no reason. From engagement rumors to the publications believing Swift had finally found the one, the couple was thought to be happy together.

So, when in 2022, the news of their breakup was confirmed, Swifties felt sad for the pop star for whom, love often seems to slip through. On the bright side, Swift took this as an opportunity to get her creative juices flowing and started working on her next album, The Tortured Poets Department. With songs like So Long, London and Fresh Out The Slammer, the global celebrity outlines her experience in the relationship with Alwyn.

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift’s I Bet You Think About Me

However, the songs appear to be a slap on the actor’s face since Swift claims she felt isolated and alone in the relationship. Their 6-year relationship seemingly amounts to nothing as Swift states she gave away her youth to him for free. According to PEOPLE, a source close to the British actor has claimed that he always preferred keeping his relationships private. But now, Swift appears to have gone rogue with her new album and said things that can be taken out of context.

The whole world is now led to believe that Alwyn made Swift feel caged, no matter what the truth is behind the scenes. This is one of the reasons why celebrities choose to keep their relationships close to their chest and away from the spotlight. The source further expresses that Alwyn wished to let his romance remain his personal story, as opposed to fodder for the media that it has now become.

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More Celebrities Referenced in The Tortured Poets Department

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image via Instagram/Chariah_
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image via Instagram/Chariah_

From Swift’s past beau to her current loml Travis Kelce, The Tortured Poets Department is a goldmine for Swifties to get a peek into the singer’s mind. She sings about heartache, loneliness, fighting society to find love, and eventually reveling in the freedom of finding the one. Some other popular celebrities have also found themselves mentioned in her album, including Charlie Puth and Clara Bow.

Swift also sings about a bully named Aimee in the song thanK you aIMee, which seems to reference her feud with SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian. The eponymous song on the album has the most number of name-drops from Dylan Thomas to Lucy Dacus. Swift’s ability to really get personal in her work and dig through the deepest feelings in her heart that make soulful music is commendable. And this is just one of the many reasons she has amassed a global fan following.

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