Lucifer star Tom Ellis just made an ass out of himself as the new teaser trailer for the series’ season 4 on Netflix came out. Ellis made a stir regarding his hindquarters which both his showrunner and him have repeatedly teased to get some camera time now that the series has transitioned from the network to the streaming giant. In a teaser video for Lucifer’s next seeson, rather than giving away anything, Ellis will be joined by Lauren German and Inbar Levi, who will play Eve to thank their fans for all the support, which was responsible for saving Lucifer based on the Vertigo/DC character.

New Teaser For Lucifer Season 4 Released

Lucifer Season 4 to come out this year
Lucifer Season 4 to come out this year

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In the released teaser trailer, Lavi reportedly lapsed into the spoiler territory while German takes the law enforcement tile on Lucifer too seriously to give out spoilers. All the time, Ellis lounges in a bathroom that’s Netflix branded, drinking coffee from a Netflix-branded cup, looking absolutely handsome. Apart from thanking fans who helped the show stay alive, the teaser also caters to those fans who love both the on-sceeen and playful offscreen chemistry of the characters while they discuss the show. You may check out the Lucifer teaser below:

Season 4 To Premiere On Netflix

Lucifer Season 4
Lucifer Season 4

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“Netflix really wanted to have Lucifer because they really love the show that we already had,” series star Tom Ellis told a crowd at ACE Comic Con late last year. “So we’ve been careful, we don’t want to change our show too much because that’s the show that people really liked. But there were certain restrictions that we had when we were on network television that meant that maybe we couldn’t do as much as we wanted. So things like my bum, which I was never allowed to show before, and lots of people want to see it, really: there may be some bum shots this season.…There will be multiple bum shots, certainly after a scene we shot the other day. I also want to stress — I think one of the reasons people like our show is because it doesn’t go all the way there. It’s about suggestion, its’ about getting away with it, it’s about being cheeky and not vulgar, and we’re still being careful that we aren’t going to go into vulgarity. Everything’s justified.”

We don’t know the exact release date for Lucifer season four yet but fans have been speculating the series to release in the second half of this year.

Source: Comicbook, Twitter

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