Meet subsequent Picasso, the 15-year-old artist with a philanthropic mindset. He’s not an average teenager, he is a genius.

Introducing Evan Sharma, the next big thing in the art industry

Who is Evan Sharma
Evan is setting examples for all the young generation.

Evan Sharma is somewhat of an anomaly. Most of the time, he’s a daily high school student from Canada. Still, he’s also been mentioned together of the foremost exciting artists in Toronto and had his artwork compared to Picasso’s. Evan is additionally the creative director of Right Brain, Left Brain streetwear, which can launch later this year. Although art collectors from New York, Los Angeles, and Dubai, want his work, Evan has donated pieces of his art and his works have raised over 35,000 dollars for various charities.

Let us have a look at his source of inspiration.

From where his Inspiration came
Just a drift and you are long way.

Evan broke into the art world when his passion was ignited after a visit to Paris. He says, “When I used to be 10 was lucky enough to have time to go to Paris. What really struck me about it wasn’t only the pictures, but also how they made me feel. Evan is inspired by nature and spends most of his free time outdoors by skiing or sailing. “To me, I feel that just being outside is how we should always live.” People are also used as a source of inspiration. People like Gandhi, Tenzing Norgay, Elon Musk, and Basquiat are listed as people who inspired Evan’s concepts for the RBLB streetwear he designed.

An artist with a big heart

Learn how to give It Back.
He is down to the Earth.

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