Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump for nearly two decades, and even after all these years, the series is nowhere near finished. So, it’s no surprise that One Piece has spawned numerous theories about what the mysterious treasure could be. While some theories are outlandish and bizarre, others are surprisingly reasonable and show good judgment.

One Piece Luffy
One Piece Luffy

It has been well over two decades since Gol. D Roger, the King of Pirates, instigated the chase for the elusive treasure, and yet no one has come close to finding it, leaving the nature of the treasure a burgeoning mystery. It has left fans pondering for decades over the ending of this epic show, coming up with endless possibilities as to what the treasure could be.

One Piece Is a 100-Year Old Time Loop

One Piece
One Piece

Among the multiple fan theories, some speculation is worthy of consideration. Given that Oda himself confirmed that the One Piece is a physical treasure and not a conceptual one, fans have come up with plausible speculation that could end up being right.

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As the curtains slowly start to draw, unraveling the mysteries of One Piece, a Redditor suggests that the series is a 100-year-old time loop that is doomed to repeat itself. According to the theory, the Void Century is the original timeline, which repeats every 100 years.

[Theory] One Piece world is on a 100-year time loop
byu/jeremyagottfried inOnePiece

Imu, who poses an unimaginable threat, is the secret ruler of the One Piece world whose presence makes even the Gorosei bow down. The theory posits that Imu is trying to prevent his downfall at the hands of a member of D in a straw hat and hence repeating history to change something every time. The theory suggests that this is why Imu keeps the original straw hat frozen.

Straw Hat Pirates
Straw Hat Pirates

The fan theory further states that if the One Piece world is indeed on a time loop, it would explain Roger and Rayleigh’s reaction to finding the truth. This might also explain why the World Government is so wary of the Void Century, knowing that the revelation might lead to a revolution that shakes the entire world.

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One Piece is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Prime Video.

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