The Thanos copter makes an unexpected debut in Loki episode 5; here’s all you need to know about the Mad Titan’s chopper. Loki found himself in a void full of variations, things, and structures that had all formerly belonged to other timelines that the TVA had taken care of after being trimmed and sent to the end of time. Rather than being reset and destroyed, they’ve been moved to the end of time, where they’ve survived and become part of a shattered landscape littered with lost timelines. As a result, it’s the ideal location for a slew of Easter eggs, one of which parodies Thanos’ most embarrassing moment in the books. Loki wakes up after being trimmed by Ravonna Renslayer in Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” and is greeted by three Loki variations who have also been pruned. To avoid the gigantic temporal monster Alioth, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and Classic Loki take the 2012 Loki version to their hideout: an underground bowling alley they’ve turned into their bunker as they continue to survive the vacuum. However, right before they go down, the remnants of a recognizable vehicle from Marvel Comics can be seen.


While there are numerous Easter eggs scattered throughout the desolate landscape, just outside of Loki’s bunker is the one and only Thanos-Copter, the ridiculous helicopter flown by the Mad Titan himself in 1979’s Spidey Super Stories # 39 created by Nick Sullivan, Michael Siporin, Jim Salicrup, and Win Mortimer. In the comic, Thanos was attempting to get a Cosmic Cube in that issue, but he was foiled by the resultant team-up of Hellcat and Spider-Man. Thanos, on the other hand, was jammed into a yellow helicopter with his name emblazoned on the tail for some bizarre reason. Surprisingly, it appears that a reality previously existed in which Thanos did, in fact, fly a helicopter similar to the one he used in the comics.


Clearly, Spidey Super Stories took place in a previous period of Marvel Comics, when it was much more acceptable and far less surprising for the evil and terrible Mad Titan himself to be flying in such a silly and stupid form of transportation. However, in a 2015 Deadpool comic, Wade Wilson obtained a Cosmic Cube for Thanos and was later scooped up in the Thanos-Copter, but Deadpool comics are definitely able to get away with a lot in that regard. Despite its stupidity and futility for someone as strong as Thanos, the Thanos-Copter has developed a cult fan following, owing to the aforementioned irony. Overall, it’s difficult to imagine Josh Brolin’s MCU Thanos flying in a Thanos-Copter at all.


However, Marvel’s Loki appears to have just revealed that there existed a timeline in which it did occur. That being said, there’s no surprise that the TVA reset that reality, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the usage of the helicopter itself triggered that reality’s nexus event. It’s just too absurd and stupid, even if the concept that it occurred in an alternate MCU is funny. So yes this the theory behind the Thanos Copter Easter Egg that we saw in episode 5 of Loki. Loki will be streaming its final episode on 14th July on Disney+. Till then, we will see you in the next article.


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