Captain Marvel is the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Carol Danvers, popularly known as Captain Marvel is already the ‘face’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU made it very clear through its film the powers possessed by Carol’s character. After Iron Man’s death, she is believed to continue the legacies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The space stone, Tesseract bounds Captain Marvel’s power to itself and turn her into ‘cosmic, godlike entity, something of a living, breathing Infinity Stone’.


Captain Marvel vs Thanos

Captain Marvel Vs Thanos: Thanos Proved to be the most powerful superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe
Captain Marvel Vs Thanos: Thanos Proved to be the most powerful Character in Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)

Despite possessing so many powers at the end of the day she couldn’t beat the level of power the Thanos possessed. At the end of the movie, it was proved that Thanos.was the strongest amongst all. During the start of the film, when Thanos and Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers have a face-over with each other, the fan’s expected Carol to defend herself alone At that point of time she surely needs the help of her team to over-power the cruel man Titian and she’s even successful in locking him down while the rest of the team pin him down.

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Carol was leading the plan but it was the joint efforts of both of them when the plan was executing. She’s not shown facing Thanos one on one. However, the tables get turned when the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy’s Thanos shows up ‘in his prime, wielding his double-edged blade and waiting for the ultimate challenge.’  Thanos makes his debut in the extremely destructive script my wounding Iron Man and Captain America and later hulk despite their every hard attempt to destroy him.

After the fall of the Trinity, Scarlet Witch, whose powers originate from the Mind Stone, gives Thanos a run for his money. Her telekinetic abilities come close to crushing him, ripping his armor off and making him grimace. Thanos resorts to desperate measures, calling for his ship to bomb the battlefield in a move that ultimately grants him another victory over an Infinity Stone-powered being. And, taking into consideration this is a Thanos without any Stones boosting him, these are no easy feats.

It became very obvious that Thanos is Marvel Cinematic Universe’s(MCU) most powerful character ever created by them.

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