UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently talked about rapper Kanye West amid all the drama surrounding the rapper’s anti-Semitic remarks that eventually led to the downfall of his career. The commentator highlighted that it is wild to see that a “superstar” like Kanye West lost his assets overnight and managed to destroy his career.

In the past, Rogan has defended the rapper from people who claim that he suffers from a “mental illness.” He pointed out that he has made several hits in the past and that “mental illness” is his style of thinking. Kanye West is currently under scrutiny for making several controversial statements that eventually forced his fanbase to abandon him.

Joe Rogan gave his opinion on Kanye West’s controversial statements

Joe Rogan and Kanye West
Joe Rogan and Kanye West

Earlier this month, Joe Rogan talked about Kanye West‘s fiasco on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. The UFC commentator pointed out that it’s insane how a successful rapper like him managed to destroy his career. He said,

“The way he is going down, everything is taken away from him. He had to stop construction on his house, he is losing all of his money, all of his sponsorships. Everything’s gone. It’s kind of wild to see ’cause we’ve never seen that before where a guy is a superstar and a billionaire and he says some awful sh*t and then everything is taken away from him.”

The rapper has faced a massive loss financially and witnessed a sharp dip in his popularity after he made anti-Semitic remarks.

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In the past, Joe Rogan has defended the rapper

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Back in November 2020, Rogan defended the rapper from people who call him “crazy.” He sat down with comedian Tom Green and talked about Kanye West’s way of making music. He said,

“When you call it mental illness, that’s the problem. You think: ‘If you call it mental illness then you’ve got to give it medicine!’ Do you really? Because that ‘mental illness’ is making some pretty amazing sh*t. Whatever you call his ‘illness’ is just a particular style of thinking he has. It’s non-linear, wild, but also very focussed.”

However, this was way before the rapper’s out-of-line behavior came into the picture.

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Kanye West’s popularity has dipped

Kanye West
Kanye West

Over the past few months, Kanye West, who goes by Ye now, has shared his opinions on several matters that have invited trouble for him. It all began when the rapper wore a top with the words, “White Lives Matter” in one of his Yeezy fashion shows. He even claimed that the whole Black Lives Matter movement was a scam.

However, he received heavy backlash when he made anti-Semitic remarks. Around the same time, reports about the rapper idolizing Adolf Hitler surfaced on the internet. Very soon, the rapper himself claimed that he adores the dictator. Following these statements, all the brands like Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga decided to terminate their contracts with the rapper, which contributed to the heavy financial loss that the rapper faced.

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Source: The Joe Rogan Experience

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