Apart from thrilling fight scenes and evil supervillains, superhero shows need more drama and suspense to keep the audience coming back, episode after episode. With the season 2 finale, Invincible delivered just that and more. Delightful surprises and shocking cameos filled the episode without stealing the spotlight from the major events of the crucial storyline. Fans have already binged the season with great interest and await the premiere of more seasons to see where Mark’s powers take him next.

Surprise Cameo in Invincible Season 2 Finale


The antagonist in this season of Invincible is Angstrom Levy, whose powers entail multiversal travel along with inhumane levels of strength. He faces off against Mark in an incredible battle across dimensions only to be badly hurt when Mark loses his temper and thrashes Angstrom without taking a breath. But before the bloody battle takes place, Angstrom sends Mark flying through various dimensions where he meets a character similar to DC’s Batman and a web-slinging hero like Spider-Man.

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However, the character Mark encounters is actually Agent Spider, a hero with similar powers of web-slinging to keep his planet safe. Mark and Agent Spider exchange quippy lines and debate over who’s a good guy and who’s the villain. Marvel is known for keeping their creative properties safe and under wraps. When the showrunner Robert Kirkman was asked about any legal trouble surrounding Agent Spider, he told Variety,

“I mean, I’m pretty sure Marvel found out about it today. So, we didn’t call any Marvel lawyers or anything. No, that was Amazon’s legal department’s job to make sure that Marvel didn’t need to know.”

Even for the Batman-esque character that they displayed, Kirkman makes it clear that they did not show Gotham City and left most of the scene up to the audience to interpret. They cannot possibly change how the viewers feel about certain scenes and characters. The finale of the show is complete with gory battles and even zombies that seem like a callback to Kirkman’s The Walking Dead project.

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What will happen in Invincible Season 3?


The finale of season 2 sets up Invincible season 3 perfectly. First and foremost, we will see Mark’s character develop and grow further. He deals with the regret and guilt of killing a man and tries to learn how to better control his powers. Moreover, his relationship with Eve will also be explored further after the future Eve urges Mark to express his feelings and be free.

Viltrumites will be the primary villains going forward under Kregg’s guidance. After Omni-Man, they might go after all sorts of superheroes and present a looming threat to the safety of the planet. Kirkman shared that they have already made great progress on season 3, so we can expect an update anytime soon.

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