WARNING: Tread cautiously: The following contains spoilers for Free Comic Book Day 2019 Avengers/Savage Avengers #1, by Jason Aaron, Stefano Caselli, Erick Arciniega, Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr. And Frank Martin available now.

While in the movies the Avengers are taking their last stand against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, in the comic books, the Avengers are embroiled in Marvel’s War of the Realms. Just like Tony says in the Endgame trailer that “part of the journey is the end”; similarly, here too all things have to come to an end. Once it does, then Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will have to head back to earth to fight against threats like the giant celestial being and Washington D.C.’s new superhero team, the Squadron Supreme of America.

Jason Aaron's Avengers #1
Jason Aaron’s Avengers #1

What Is The Story About?

The major comic book draw seems to be villains nowadays, with DC’s Year of the Villain and Event Leviathan taking steam, Marvel made use of the 2019 Free Comic Book Day to give their fans a little glimpse into their new Avengers title by writer Jason Aaron.

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So along with looks at Namor’s Defenders of the Deep vs. the Squadron Supreme of America, a demonically possessed car and Iron Man’s run-in with prehistoric heavyweights, the issue gives us a short story set in space, with a group of heroes who are definitely not the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Meet Captain Corsair And The Starjammers

Captain Corsair and the Starjammers
Captain Corsair and the Starjammers

This story opens in Shi’ar-Controlled Space, with a Shi’ar dreadnought fleet trying to radio unknown Earthers. Their ship is hovering on the outskirts of Ravenstarr, a maximum-security prison galaxy. We soon jump to a ship similar to the one flown by the space pirate group called the Starjammers. But the crew which is aboard the ship is The Avengers– or what can be identified as a version of the Avengers readers are familiar with.

Captain America is wearing the red-and-blue outfit of the Starjammers’ leader Corsair (he is the father of the X-Men’s Cyclops); Thor on the other hand has merged with a Brood alien; She-Hulk’s appearance is much like that of a Starjammer member with Cr’reee atop her shoulder; and Captain Marvel is in her binary form with her head face aflame. This is a major change from how the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes typically appear. It is pretty certain that something will happen that will turn them into the cosmic force to be reckoned with.

Also, did we mention that they are trapped in a prison galaxy the size of the Milky Way?

When Was The Last Time Starjammers were seen?

It has certainly been interesting to see the Avengers and Starjammers mashup but the last time we saw them was in in Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s relaunched Guardians of the Galaxy #1.

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There the team had gathered up along with other galactic heroes to hear what Thanos had left in his will when the Black Order attacked. Many of the characters were previously assumed to be killed but Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day Avengers story has now opened up the possibility that the Starjammers somehow survived.

What it doesn’t explain is why the Avengers have taken up their ship, names and appearances. What it all means is that we will have to add another comic book in our pull list.

(Source: cbr.com and lifehacker.com)

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