2022 is turning out to be the year where Marvel Studios finally goes all blazes. After the year 2021 saw the Marvel Cinematic Universe release several TV shows, MCU doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon. Not only are there three movies slated to be released in cinemas but now, the producers are also planning on releasing 6 more shows too (including the much-anticipated Secret Wars and Moon Knight).

We have seen some great duos so far in MCU Phase 4, but when it comes to great duos, it’s not about the screen time they share, it’s about their chemistry that enables each person to grow. Here are some of the best MCU Phase 4 duos, ranked:


Falcon & Winter Soldier

Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Although the two didn’t really get along at first, Marvel fans have really enjoyed the friendship between Sam and Bucky grow. Like any coupling, Bucky and Sam were seen as complete opposites. While Bucky was pessimistic, Sam wasn’t. Where Sam was more open, Bucky chose to stay closed off. They just didn’t seem to work.

However, this changed when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came in. While in the midst of their shared grief for Steve, the two men ultimately grew closer. Bucky was seen encouraging Sam to challenge the authority, while Sam also teaches Bucky the value of trust and honesty.


Spider-Man and Doctor Strange

No Way Home
No Way Home

Taking over for Tony Stark as a father figure for Peter Parker, Doctor Strange is quite a reluctant mentor at his best. This is perfect for No Way Home, a film where Spidey finds his bonds of friendship on the verge of tearing apart.

Initially, Strange is seen sticking to his principles which seems often cruel and indifferent to Peter. To Doctor Strange, Peter’s desire to save the villains at the risk of some interdimensional chaos is actually quite naive. However, by the end of the film, Marvel fans can see that the two understand and respect each other’s values.


Loki and Morbius

Loki on DIsney+
Loki on Disney+

If Loki‘s stunning production design takes fans back to the post-war ’50s, the wisecracking traits of the Loki/Mobius friendship bring back memories of ’80s action duos like Tango and Cash or Murtaugh and Riggs.

Loki’s less-than-concealed arrogance is pure antagonistic entertainment when paired with Mobius’ world-weary cop – overall, a treat to watch them together.

Clint Barton And Kate Bishop


Similar to Shang-Chi and Katy, these two characters have similar personalities, however, their chemistry is often fueled by their differences as both are nothing less than action-oriented risk-takers.

However, whereas Kate is quite outwardly cocky, loquacious, and also, image-conscious, Clint is someone who is avoidant of the spotlight. However, throughout the series, they end up becoming essential to each other’s lives.

Kate Bishop And Yelena Belova

Yelena Belova and Kate Bishop in Disney+'s Hawkeye
Yelena Belova and Kate Bishop in Disney+’s Hawkeye

From the scene in Hawkeye where Yelena thanks Kate for “the girls’ night,” fans know that this pairing is going to be a lot of fun. Moreover, there are some deeper points of connection; these are two people who are aware of what loss is.

While Kate was raised in a wealthy family, while Yelena was raised in a brainwashing Soviet spy program, the duo is actually young women yearning to make a connection that is something greater than themselves.

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