One of the longest-running TV sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory has been perhaps the best sitcom. It actually is very famous among fans and continues to get new ones en route. In the 12 seasons, the show has made its watchers snicker, learn and partake in the regular occasions occurring in the existence of the primary characters. All through its run, The Big Bang Theory had acquainted the fans with a few storylines that they simply cherished. Each season has had a storyline that was a fan top choice, here are the main 5 picks.

Penny And The Boys Get To Know Each Other

Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg on The Big Bang Theory
Penny Meets The Guys

In the primary period of The Big Bang Theory, the watchers were acquainted with the principal characters and their bond. Be that as it may, one of the most mind-blowing holds of the show, without a doubt, was divided among Penny and Leonard, and Sheldon. Each fan adored the structure science between the somewhat comparable neighbors. While Leonard and Sheldon were researchers, Penny was a yearning entertainer; at this point, the three figured out how to assemble a solid bond. Via season 2, Penny turned out to be nearer with the pack. Also, they constructed a bond, each fan simply cherishes.

Howard Meeting Bernadette

Howard And Bernadette In The in Bang Theory
Bernadette And Howard

Howard was seen from the beginning of the show as a frantic person, who was after Penny. Be that as it may, after being shown no response to his sentiments from Penny’s side, he chooses to continue on and go on a chase after a sweetheart. In season 3, when the folks get back from the North pole, Howard fires sprucing up in gothic style to draw in goth young ladies. At the point when he bombs in this endeavor also, he requests that Penny help him. That is the means by which he meets his future spouse Bernadette. We see a development in Howard’s personality than on.

Amy Joining The Gang

Amy And The Guys In The Big Bang Theory
The Guys And Amy

Amy was first acquainted with us before the finish of season 3 and was remembered for the gathering via season 4. Yet, it wasn’t till season 5, that Amy drew nearer to the pack and felt like a piece of it. Amy is one the most adored person among the TBBT fans and furthermore, her strange ways won hearts. In a similar season, Sheldon and she became official. She likewise assisted different connections in the show with developing.

Howard Gets Back From Space

Howard Returns From Space In The Big Bang Theory
Howard Returns From Space

After his space trip, Howard is eager to be invited back as a legend. In any case, the inverse occurs. No one, even his nearby ones, doesn’t consider it a very remarkable serious deal as Howard does. He faces progress from doing a special undertaking to returning to carrying on with a common existence of a love bird and managing his better half and mother together. What’s more, this one changes fans love to watch.

Sheldon’s Dream Comes True

Sheldon And Amy Win Nobel Prize
Sheldon And Amy Win Nobel Prize

The Big Bang Theory fans have adored Sheldon all through and finished the series with the storyline of him winning the Nobel Prize and that too with his better half on his side. There could’ve never been a superior method for finishing the show. Sheldon and Amy win the prize and thank every one of their companions, which was something the fans cherished.

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