Despite a lot of excitement, the 100th episode of The Flash was a little more than a glorified clip-show. While the promos of the show promised many villains, most of these scenes involved old footages from earlier episodes with clever editing which placed Parker Kennedy and Grant Agustin into them. The whole episode now feels nothing short of a missed opportunity now.

The 100th episode titled as “What’s Past is Prologue” and centred around Team Flash figuring out how to confront Cicada now that they know his real identity. Given that Cicada’s meta-tech dagger gives him the abilities to negate the superpowers of metahumans but it’s impossible for them to approach Cicada directly. Nora-West Allen here suggests that they should create a piece of meta-tech of their own to negate the powers of the dagger.

The team figured out to make a super-charged magnet that can hold the dagger and negate its powers. They gathered the materials by hunting across history. What followed is a series of sequences in which Nora and Barry run back in time to Barry’s greatest battles. They retrieve SavitarMs armour and Zoom’s device before travelling to STAR Labs on the night of the accelerator explosion which created the first of metahumans.

We see Savitar but it’s only when his armour is being destroyed by The Flash. Nora and Barry are chased by Zoom for a while until he’s destroyed by a Time Wraith. We see Eobard Thawne in a brief cameo but he’s still in Harrison Wells’ body. While it might sound amusing, it’s a far cry from the high-action anniversary special of The Flash that was advertised.

The only major revelation that happens is that of Nora West-Allen who has come to the past with an ulterior motive: to gather information for an enemy of The Flash in 2049. It’s not a bad episode but the whole thing was advertised very differently than what was aired. It’s clear that the creatives behind the episode just wanted to give fans some nostalgia while spending the rest of the episode setting up the second half of season 5.

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