The much-awaited wedding took place on Saturday which saw The Flash star Grant Gustin getting married to LA Thoma, which as many would know, is his long-time girlfriend as the duo got married at Valentine DTLA, Los Angeles.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans as we all knew that Gustin has been dating Thoma since years now. The couple has posted various pictures on their Instagram accounts. An exclusive picture was shared on Instagram by Robert Stein of the couple. He wrote, “What heartfelt joy it was to watch Grant and LA, surrounded by their family and friends, come together for a loving union. Wishing them both a Lifetime of Love and Happiness. They are so blessed to have one another to spend the rest of their lives together.”

The wedding hosted many stars but the newlywed couples are yet to say anything to their fans on social media. The wedding saw Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood, among other stars.

Gustin proposed Thoma back in 2017 and reportedly, the couple was also a part of a Kadazan ceremony in honour of Thoma’s ancestors. It shows the respect they have for others’ belief.

We are really happy for Grant and Thoma. Wishing them both a happy married life.

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