The Harder They Fall, a gorgeous and fictitious Western by Jeymes Samuel, portrays notable Black men and women from the West’s chronicles when it was truly wild. It brilliantly conveys the arid bravado, savage charm, and grim satisfaction of a hard-boiled shoot ’em up bathed in vibrant colour and inspired staging. According to historians, Black cowboys made about a quarter of all cowboys in the American West, and the majority lived in or around Texas in the days and years following the Civil War, but their stories have largely gone unwritten.

The Harder They Fall does not attempt to convey those exact stories since they are so dissimilar to their real-life counterparts in many respects. Samuel is clearly not done with this world or these larger-than-life criminals as the survivors ride out into the distance.

Is a sequel to The Harder They Fall in the works?

The Harder They Fall
The Harder They Fall

There has been no official word from Netflix on whether or not they are interested in a sequel. However, since its release, the film has remained among the Top 10 films in the United States. Samuel, a multi-hyphenate, directed, created, produced, and co-wrote the film and spoke about his ambitions for the property in an interview.

Despite the lack of official intentions, it’s difficult to picture a creative who brought together Jay-Z, who worked on the soundtrack, Regina King, Idris Elba, and Delroy Lindo under one roof not being given the green light to continue with what appears to be a successful venture.

What Would a Follow-Up to The Harder They Fall Look Like?

The Harder They Fall
The Harder They Fall

They Die At Dawn, a short film Samuel directed in 2013, might be regarded as an alternate universe offering as well as a precursor. In this film, Mary’s saloon is the site of a bounty roulette, in which four men with price tags on their heads agree to a Duel Royale, with the winner receiving the bodies and swapping them for cash. Nat tries and fails to persuade these dangerous outlaws to go after Rufus Buck, whose group would make an even bigger profit. Bass Reeves, who has arrived to take Nate in, interrupts the operation, and the film goes dark as they draw on each other in the dusty, sun-baked street.

Samuel’s propensity to return to the themes of retribution in this material and distort historical facts to dramatise important figures opens up intriguing creative possibilities for a possible sequel. Instead of carrying the torch from his recent Western’s established setting, he might completely recreate it with the same cast of characters facing fresh issues. Short films, on the other hand, are frequently used as test runs for lengthier features. So, while it’s possible that Samuel may Suicide Squad his way to another bite at the apple, it’s more likely that They Die at Dawn was a proof of concept production, even if it did have an extraordinarily impressive array of talent.

Other Historical Figures Who Might Appear In A Sequel To The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall
The Harder They Fall

Bose Ikard is one of history’s most famous Black cowboys. Danny Glover portrays him in the television series Lonesome Dove. Ikard was the most proficient guy in the saddle when he joined Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving on their historic cattle drive over the Goodnight-Loving Trail in the late 1800s. After the Civil War, John Ware became a cattle drove and was known as an excellent rodeo performer. He was born a slave in 1845.

Isom Dart, unlike many of the film’s icons, was a true outlaw, among other things. Before one of his last attempts to put his lawless past behind him, he went by the name Ned Huddleston, but it didn’t last long. They continued to rustle cattle after purchasing a ranch and teaming with Ann Bassett until a detective called Tom Horn was hired to stop them. Dart and Bassett were told to vacate their land, but when they refused, Horn killed him on a cold October day.

Catch The Harder They Fall on Netflix now to get ready for a future sequel.

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