Avengers: Infinity War ending recapped

Avengers Endgame is Releasing this April 26th
Avengers Endgame is Releasing this April 26th

It has been nearly a year since the Marvel Studios stunned the entire world with the tragic End to Avengers: Infinity War. Fans viewed as the Mad Titan Thanos removed half of life in the world by snapping his hands. The rest of the heroes will attempt to undo that dreadful actions in Avengers: Endgame, along with also a brand new teaser from Marvel is reminding everybody exactly what is at stake.

The voucher, that will be titled “End Is Near,” takes things back to the conclusion of Infinity War and highlights the events of this Snap. View it below.

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Things begin with Thanos showing his strategy through a voiceover, followed by footage of his actions that are dreadful on Vormir. As we view the heroes that are cherished fading away into dust, the focus shifts to the Breeze itself. In the conclusion of the movie, Doctor Strange could be heard saying his now-iconic line, “We are at the endgame now.”

Avengers: Endgame precursors

Thanos: Avengers Endgame
Thanos: Avengers Endgame

Even though Infinity War is unquestionably the main movie to rewatch before Endgame’s release later this season, there’s another movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that lovers need to attempt and test out again. During a meeting a week, manager Anthony Russo noted that Captain America: Civil War includes plenty of ties to Endgame, and it certainly worth a second look.

Quote by Russo

“It is an excellent question, and I’ll say we do work hard to ensure the narrative works in a manner that people who have not seen anything [can still appreciate the film ] since we feel like that is really significant,” Russo explained. “I believe you find this movie after movie, the crowd keeps growing for all these pictures. What that tells us is that people are visiting. So it is significant that we’re currently talking to an audience that is currently seeing these tales for your very first time. There’s surely a story. I’d say, surely, Civil War and Infinity War is probably the two largest lead-ins for this picture in the sense the Civil War made the circumstance in which the Avengers were split.”

Avengers: Endgame is releasing this month on April 26th.

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