The controversy surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s strongest hero stems from countless fan preferences and Kevin Feige’s inconsistent comments. Originally, Feige gave the definitive answer that Captain Marvel was the most powerful Avenger, before pulling the old switcheroo and saying it was now Scarlet Witch.

Of course, even though Feige is head of Marvel studios, the topic really is still up for debate.

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Based on evidence purely seen in the movies, it seems likely that Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel actually is the most powerful hero. Even though Scarlet Witch may have the ability to be more powerful, we still haven’t seen the extent of her abilities onscreen.

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Captain Marvel has abilities no other Avenger can match. Although Thor can travel anywhere in the Nine Realms, he needs the power of the Bifrost to help enable this. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, can fly, unprotected, through space.

Her strength is apparently unrivalled too. The Hulk and Thor are both physically strong characters, but neither can easily deflect and destroy missiles from a fleet of spaceships. Captain Marvel can even annihilate a ship by simply flying through it. Other than fighting and physical combat, Captain Marvel carried – yep, carried – the Benatar across the galaxy, after finding Tony and Nebula stranded within.

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The final fight against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame gave us our best look at Carol’s powers. Some members of the Avenger team did well against Thanos during the battle – Scarlet Witch, especially, seemed like she could take him out with ease. But Danvers fought Thanos one-to-one and barely broke a sweat.

The only time Thanos gained the upper hand was through the use of a Power Stone. Without that help, he basically stood no chance against Captain Marvel.

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It’s easy to forget too, that Danvers powers actually originated from an Infinity Stone. This itself elevates her to being one of the most powerful of the Avengers. Scarlet Witch is the same – the main difference is Danvers has had decades to hone her powers, whilst Wanda Maximoff is fairly new to it.

Although things may change, as they often do within the MCU, it seems that title of the most powerful Avenger is currently held by Captain Marvel. Invulnerable and impervious to most attacks, we have yet to see her truly lose against a villain.

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