The Conjuring franchise stands out as the top tier of most horror franchises ever made, with eight bone-chilling narratives. Rooted in genuine inspiration from real-life cases investigated by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, it uniquely sets itself apart from other franchises. As of now, continuing the eerie and spine-chilling tale of Valak within the Conjuring universe, the dreadful Saga has arrived with its ninth installment, The Nun 2, which serves as the sequel to The Nun 2018, which is about to unleash a new wave of horror this month.

The Nun 2 earns early praise, hailed as a perfect follow-up

Bonnie Aarons as the Demon Nun, Valak
Demon Nun, Valak

The Conjuring has become one of the goryest and most beloved scary tales for horror lovers. With every new release, the chronologically disordered franchise consistently retains its allure and excitement with its new scary stuff while still keeping the things that made us like it. The old abbey and creepy nun Valak will once again haunt the screens, and the initial screening has already generated exciting reactions.

In the upcoming follow-up, Bonnie Aarons is going to reprise the demonic nun for the third time, which is set four years after the event in St. Cartha’s Monastery, in 1952, where Taissa Farmiga’s Sister Irene crosses paths with the demon Valak again. From the very first review, critics echo that The Nun 2 is way more horrific than the first movie.

Going by the first reactions, The Nun 2 may be another winner, with some critics’ social media reactions, including the Hollywood reporter’s, Brian Davids suggesting the movie is better than the first one because the characters are explored in a more meaningful way and the greater The Conjuring Universe is impacted rather significantly.

Sister Irene from The Nun
Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene from The Nun


There is a scene that will make fans “scream with joy or horror” as Shannon McGrew of Nightmarish praises creators Michael Chaves and Akela Cooper saying   “[The Nun 2] is so extra and goes so hard that I’m now instantly obsessed, and I will not be talking about anything else for the foreseeable future”.

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BJ Colangelo of Slash Film comments that he really enjoyed the first scene and also cites some minor plot issues.  Colangelo calls Boonie Aarons a “treasure” and says the introduction of Storm Reid in the Conjuring universe felt so fresh and a commendable addition.


Screen Rant‘s Joseph Deckelmeier opines that Nun 2 is the perfect follow-up and frightens more than the previous one. He also added, “It’s a great film for this time of year.” However, based on the reviews and comments, it’s sure that  The Nun 2 will live up to the anticipation, leaving a horrifying mark on The Conjuring franchise.

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Director of Nun 2 promises Easter eggs heighten the excitement

The first installment of  The Nun is so far the most dreadfully horrifying tale of Valak, becoming the highest-grossing film, with global box office earnings of over $2 billion. The Nun 2 begins with the brutal murder of a priest in France, and the lead character, Sister Irene, is dragged into a  confrontation with the demonic entity and tries to make sense of her eerie experience.

The Nun 2 poster
The Nun 2

Taissa Farmiga will reprise the role of Sister Irene as an exorcist who encounters the demonic nun. Aarons returns as Valak, the embodiment of evil, also known as the Demon Nun.  Maurice Maurice Frenchie, Sister Irene’s ally and friend, will be played by Jonas Bloquet. The film also introduces new characters to The Conjuring universe, including The Last of Us star Storm Reid, Katelyn Rose Downey, and Anna Popplewell in undisclosed roles.

Director Michael Chaves, who is known for horror masterpieces like The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and The Curse of La Llorona will bring his expertise to The Nun 2. The return of the faceless nun from the first film adds to the anticipation for the sequel. The director also assures Easter eggs that would raise the possibility of a wider cinematic universe, elevating the excitement for an interconnected and suspenseful viewing.

The Nun 2 is to be in theaters on September 7.

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Source: Cinema Blends 

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