When a celebrity has famous parents, the topic of nepotism naturally comes up regarding their career. And Maya Hawke is just one of such big celebrity kids. Both her parents are Hollywood A-listers and this has naturally made people question her success as a young actor. Hawke got her first major role as Robin in the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. And it really brought her out into the mainstream scene. However many claimed that it was only possible due to her famous parents. As she is one of those celebrities who come under the nepo-baby list, her success has not failed to get questioned.

Be that as it may, the young actor is aware of her advantages as she has addressed nepotism more than once in her interviews. In a September Rolling Stone interview, Hawke pointed out the fact that being a nepo baby did not guarantee a good actor.

Maya Hawke Points Out that Nepotism Does not Equal a Good Actor

Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke

Back in September, Maya Hawke gave an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where she addressed the “advantages” she receives due to nepotism. According to Hawke, she is completely aware that without her parents her career would not have reached where it is today so easily. And instead of being negative about people calling her a nepo-baby, she has fully embraced the truth. Largely, because it is impossible to get rid of the title. She will always be the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. No matter what she cannot change her parentage and her background.

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But despite the advantages and the leg-ups that she receives in her career due to her background, she works hard. The Stranger Things star shared,

“I feel like the only way to handle the nepotism thing — which definitely gives you massive advantages in this life — is, you will get chances for free, but the chances will not be infinite”

Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke

Furthermore, Hawke also mentioned that the advantages of nepotism were not unlimited. And that there was a point where no matter what background an actor had they could easily be dropped. Therefore she shared that her “ethos” was to give her best at any opportunity she received.

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She Has Been Able to Intellectualize Her Privileges

Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke

Back in 2020 while talking with Nylon, Maya Hawke was questioned about her status as a child of Hollywood A-listers. Fortunately in Hawke’s case, growing up in a digital native city and being a part of the social-justice-minded generation, she has fully embraced her truth. And she seems to be well aware of her status, background, and the advantages that come with having famous parents. Moreover, she is equally aware that things could be bad for her career if she does not put in hard work. Being a good actor is more than just nepotism. She shared,

“I will try as hard as I can to be brilliant in them. And if I suck enough, I’ll stop getting chances.”

She also added that her background was a positive point from a producer’s point of view. And therefore it worked as a plus for her and her career in Hollywood. Nevertheless, the young actor has assured everyone that she puts her best effort into her roles. And that if she does not

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Source: Rolling Stone

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