Captain Marvel and the power that she possess is no mystery. An Avenger that can travel through planets in seconds tells you about the supernatural abilities that she has. But this time, she might just pull of something that has less to do with power, it about being “worthy.”

Concoction of DNA

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Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Captain Marvel is one of the most potent and robust warriors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this doesn’t mean that she can’t take benefit of a rise every so often. Eventually, she ended up being embraced in Vox Supreme’s mixture of Avenger DNA, and that ended up letting a change in Carol. She also got in Captain Marvel #16, though the process she finished up with that modification was less than surpassing for her. Well, she also came with some attached gains, like being able to use Thor’s hammer by the change. Considering that she was a part of Thor for a moment, the hammer appeared when she summoned upon it, which was eventually a shock to Thor. 

The Welding of Mighty Mjolnir

Brie Larson Mjolnir Captain MarvelCarol Danvers, playing Captain Marvel, was already one of the most destructive heroes around, but delivering her the strength of the God of Thunder is an inclined height no one would direct down. As she puts the hammer to vigorous use, hitting Vox Supreme’s block off some times. She liked using Mjolnir for an instant, but it was only fitting to be short, as once she abolished the Kree virus from her system, which she throbbed out of her using her own vigors. Soon after, the attachment to Mjolnir was fallen, and it reverted to Thor shortly after.

Captain Marvel – The Last Avenger

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Captain Marvel #16 is written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Lee Garbett.

It’s all become a lead to Captain Marvel versus Vox Supreme now. Since knowing about her Kree heritage, Carol Danvers has strived to reunite her human and her alien factions. Now she must battle for both or miss everything related to her. But Earth’s mightiest hero Captain Marvel has some new plan disclosing that the potential of the Avengers will be sufficient to protect the world? 

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