The second season of The Punisher has debuted on Netflix. However, many are still stressed over the destiny of the Marvel TV series.

After debuting in the second season of Daredevil, Jon Bernthal has been playing Frank Castle for about three years now. Also, if this is the end of his time in the skull-enriched vest, he’s grappled with probability.


“It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. I get it. You know what I know,” Bernthal said to Collider. “Part of the deal with this profession is that you can make a choice. And worry about the shit that you can’t control, or you can worry about the shit that you can. For me, all I’ve ever cared about with this project is that I want it to be as good as it can, and I’ll fight to make it as good as I can. It’s not whether we get the chance [to do another season] or not.

“For me, to put energy into saying that I want it to be this or I want it to be that, that makes no sense. But if we’re doing it, you better believe that I’m gonna put all of my energy into making it good. I like to focus on things I can control, and I certainly cannot control that.”


The majority of the theories comes over Netflix dropping Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil in a short while. With Disney creating its very own streaming service and Netflix making more content, it’s generally accepted that Jessica Jones and The Punisher will follow.

Bernthal recently addressed Variety about the likelihood of cancellation, and he’s not worried about whether or not he’ll get the opportunity to play Frank Castle later on.

“I know the reality of the situation and I’m at peace with it,” Bernthal said. “I really only worry about the things I can control. When I’m playing the character and I’m doing the job and it’s right there in front of me, I do whatever I can to make it as good as I can. But in this business there’s so much we can’t control. Whatever is happening with these shows, these decisions are being made in rooms I’m not invited into and I’m OK with that.”


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