The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has crossed some lines while embracing the worship of Dark Forces, resulting in a legal action being threatened by The Satanic Temple against the streaming service due to a statue in the series resembling a monument created by them.

Spokesperson and Co-founder, Lucien Greaves shared on Twitter:

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“Yes, we are taking legal action regarding The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina appropriating our copyrighted monument design to promote their asinine Satanic Panic fiction.”

In the series, Sabrina goes to Academy of Unseen Arts, featuring a Baphomet statue at the centre which Greaves claim to be an exact recreation of the statue created by his organisation.

Modelled after a specific 19th-century illustration of Baphomet, the Satanic Temple noted that the statue boasts of certain unique elements, claiming copyright over it.

“It’s deeply problematic to us,” Greaves shared with SFGATE. “(But) even if that wasn’t the case we’d be obligated to make a copyright claim because that’s how copyright works.”

A nine-foot-tall statue was unveiled by the organisation in 2015, which was intended to get displayed across a statue of Ten Commandments in Oklahoma. The Netflix series shows the monument having connections to Satan himself despite the original monument not modelled in the likeness of Lucifer.

“It’s distressing on the grounds that you have to worry about that association being made where people will see your monument and not know which preceded the other,” Greaves detailed. “And thinking that you arbitrarily decided to go with the Sabrina design for your Baphomet monument, which rather cheapens our central icon.”

He added, “I feel that the use of our particular image that is recognized as our own central icon (being) displayed fictionally as central to some cannibalistic cult has real-world damaging effects for us.”

He hopes that Netflix will replace the statue using visual effects.

“It looks like it’s a CGI facsimile to begin with. I don’t know how much work that takes, but I simply refuse to have our monument used in this way in perpetuity,” Greaves noted. “I don’t want our monument to be associated with this.”

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