After the outbreak of Corona Virus, the fans of The Simpsons have put on their tin foil hats once again. The fans suggest that an episode from 1993 is proof that the show predicted the ongoing outbreak.

Marge in Chains 

Marge in Chains
The prediction made at The Simpsons

In the episode, “Marge in Chains” – workers at a Japanese juice box factory sneeze on the product before it is distributed to those international. The Springfield was infected by a disease called “Osaka flu”, which the fans claim to be the real-life version of a coronavirus. 

Corona Virus

Coronavirus outbreak 2020


The Corona Virus outbreak is centred in China’s Hubei province after a new coronavirus. It is named as 2019-nCoV by the scientists. It began to spread last December. As of now, 14,550 cases of this coronavirus have been confirmed as have 305 deaths.

Kobe Bryant’s Death Incident

Fans claim of a massive prediction
Fans claim of a massive prediction

The fans also suggest that one of the episodes of The Simpsons also predicted the most tragic incident of the death of NBA star, Kobe Bryant. The great athlete died with his daughter and seven other people due to the helicopter crash in California.

Sources Screenrush Albawaba

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