Hwang Dong-hyuk Is A Bit rankled by NBA superstar LeBron James’ comments:

Squid Game Creator Reacts to LeBron James' Criticism of Finale
Squid Game Creator Reacts to LeBron James’ Criticism of Finale

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator, writer, and director of Netflix’s global hit “Squid Game,” is irritated by NBA great LeBron James’ comments about not appreciating the violent show’s finale. Hwang remarked sarcastically in an interview with the Guardian published Tuesday, “Have you watched ‘Space Jam 2?'” – a dig at the highly criticized animated/live-action “Space Jam” sequel starring James. “LeBron James is great and can say whatever he wants,” Hwang continued. That is something I appreciate. I’m grateful he watched the entire series. But I wouldn’t alter anything about my finale. That’s my ending.”

What Actually Did LeBron James Said?

A Still Of LeBron James famous basketball player
A Still Of LeBron James famous basketball player for Lakers

Earlier this month, James said in a post-press-conference exchange with Lakers teammate Anthony Davis that was recorded and shared by an Orange County Register reporter that he finished “Squid Game” but despised the final scene in which protagonist Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) decides not to fly to the United States to see his daughter and instead leaves the airport to apparently track down the mysterious organizers of the deadly Squid Game. “However, I didn’t enjoy the finale.” “What exactly are you doing?” According to the footage, James. “Get on the plane and go see your fucking daughter.”

Hwang Dong-hyuk ‘s Reply To LeBron & LeBron’s comments:

LeBron James said he didn't like the ending, so the creator responded back
LeBron James said he didn’t like the ending of Squid Game, so Hwang Dong-hyuk responded back

Hwang told the Guardian that if James had a “Squid Game” conclusion that “satisfies him,” he “may be able to build his own sequel. “I’ll look into it and perhaps write him a note saying, ‘I enjoyed your entire program until the finale.'” James maintained the charade by replying to Hwang’s statements on Twitter in faux amazement. “This can’t be genuine, can it?” “I hope not,” King James said on Twitter, followed by ten laughing emoji.

Is There A Season 2 For “Squid Game”?

A Still From Squid Game
A Still From Squid Game

Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed a Season 2 order for “Squid Game,” but it appears to be a foregone conclusion. According to the streamer’s statistic, which counts the number of households who access a certain title for at least 2 minutes, the show has become Netflix’s biggest-ever TV show. According to the corporation, “Squid Game” was sampled by 142 million member homes — about two-thirds of all members — in its first four weeks of availability, setting a new record. (It should be noted that Netflix’s measurements have not been independently validated.) Hwang confirmed to the Guardian that he is in talks with Netflix regarding a second season of “Squid Game.” “Of course, there is discussion. Because it has been such a success, this is unavoidable “He stated. “I have a high-level picture in my head, but I’m not going to start working on it right immediately. I’ve always wanted to make a film. I’m debating which to do first. I’m going to speak with Netflix.” Hwang jokingly stated, “It’s likely that I’ll have to do season two to become as wealthy as the winner of ‘Squid Game.”

The Amount Paid By Netflix For The Show & The Plot:

Netflix Banks On Its Squid Game for $21.4 million
Netflix Banks On Its Squid Game for $21.4 million

Netflix spent $21.4 million for the nine-episode South Korean thriller, and the corporation expects “Squid Game” to generate $891 million in “impact value.” According to secret Netflix data obtained by Bloomberg. Netflix later fired an employee who admitted downloading the data and sharing it outside the company, presumably because the employee was upset about the company’s defense of Dave Chappelle’s controversial special “The Closer,” which led to an employee protest over the comedian’s transphobic commentary, among other things. Hwang stated that he meant “Squid Game” to illustrate the current world’s rising economic disparity. “I wanted to write a novel that was an allegory or fable about current capitalist society, something that depicted an extreme rivalry, much like the severe competitiveness of life,” he said in an interview with Variety last month.

Source: Variety 

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