The seventh episode of Marvel’s What If…? ended with a shocking twist. The episode revealed a glimpse of Ultron and Vision. But apparently, the moment could not make any sense without the Avengers.


Marvel’s What If…? episode 7 included Vision and Ultron in the end, but the moment does not mean anything in the MCU without the inclusion of the Avengers. The episode also introduced some similar moments in Marvel’s animated Disney+ series. In the seventh episode, Thor is the only child with Loki living life on Jotunheim as a Frost Giant. Now since the story changes drastically, Thor becomes Party Thor and Loki becomes one of his best friends. Frigga, Thor’s mother, is away and the pair of the friends party included Howard the Duck, Korg, and Nebula. However, Thor could have also invited some of his other friends but Jane Foster eventually contacted Frigga and the celebration ended.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ultron is Tony Stark’s plan for bringing global peace. As Stark mentions in Avengers: Age of Ultron, “What if, next time aliens roll up to the club, and they will, they couldn’t get past the bouncer,” while convincing Bruce Banner that an EDS (Earth Defense System) will be a good idea. Apparently, Ultron had other plans. The global defense system became a mess and the system strongly believed that it needs to eradicate humans as they are the only threat after all. That is when Ultron created a synthetic body for himself but fortunately, the Avengers interrupted the plans. The Avengers turn the synthetic body into Vision and the character helped the heroes defeat Ultron.

But now, What If…? completely changed Vision and Ultron’s story. In episode 7, Jane and Thor set up for their first date and the Watcher believed that the couple will lead a happy life. However, the narrator had some other plans. At the end of the episode, Ultron showed up inhabiting Vision’s body with all six Infinity Stones. It arrived to confront Thor with the robot army. It is perhaps a universe-ending threat. But it makes no sense in the MCU without the inclusion of the Avengers.


After all, the Avengers are the reason why Tony created Ultron. But the events of the movie do not occur in Party Thor’s timeline. Loki is Thor’s friend and he never attacks New York with the Chitauri aliens. Foster even noted that Thor’s arrival on Earth was the time where aliens got their portal to visit the planet. Thus, without Loki’s attack, there would have been no global defense system. Therefore, Loki would have never helped to create Ultron and Ultron would have never created a Vision. Hence, the twist would never happen in Party Thor’s timeline.

With What If…? episode 7 erasing the events of The Avengers, it seems like Ultron’s mission and the Stones are a wreaking threat to the Multiverse. If that’s the case, it somehow makes sense.

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