The Walking Dead ended on a major cliffhanger with Sunday’s Season Nine finale. As the long wait for Season 10’s launch in October begins, fans will have on big question on their minds regarding the expanded universe: Who was on the radio?

The Walking Dead: Who could be behind the radio call?
The Walking Dead: Who could be behind the radio call?

Eugene Porter dedicated much of his time through Season Nine to getting a radio system to work. His intention was to unite the communities with an instant line of communication. While this was shown to have worked as Ezekiel communicated from the Hilltop to Judith at the Alexandria community, Eugene also put the communities in touch with another group.

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“I mean, that’s part of the question, right?” The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang told regarding the mysterious radio transmission. “I don’t want to give too much away about that, but I will say we will get answers to that question within Season 10. It’s always interesting for us to introduce new people into our world, and the different ways they come in, so that will definitely be an important aspect of the story going forward.”

Who could be behind the radio call?

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities regarding the identity of the radio caller…


In The Walking Dead comics, Eugene’s radio is how the communities connect with a new community called the Commonwealth. On the other end of the radio is a woman named Stephanie.

Commonwealth The Walking Dead
Commonwealth The Walking Dead

Eugene keeps their conversations a secret from the rest of the survivors but is eventually caught.

After Siddiq discovers the radio, Rick Grimes and others begin communication with the community and eventually head to Ohio to discover their thriving world. The Commonwealth is 50,000 strong and lead by a Pamela Milton character who looks strikingly similar to Jayne Atkinson’s Georgie character who already took Maggie away from the Hilltop.


Alicia Clark The Walking Dead
Alicia Clark

The Walking Dead‘s sibling series Fear the Walking Dead remains years behind the flagship series in terms of the timelines. However, Fear the Walking Dead is set to carry out a fifth season starting on June 2. It’s entirely possible the sibling series sees another time jump to align itself with The Walking Dead for a larger crossover.

It seems unlikely but it’s not impossible. The characters on Fear the Walking Dead recently developed the means to communicate via radio and could get close enough to Alexandria that they are able to send a radio call out which is picked up as seen in the Season Nine finale.


Rick Grimes The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes The Walking Dead
The people who took Rick Grimes away from Alexandria remain unknown, outside of Jadis (if that’s even her name).

Could The Walking Dead be using the same tactic it used to introduce the Commonwealth community to the comics but for an entirely different group which will lead to a reunion with Rick for Michonne or others?

Rick won’t be returning to The Walking Dead TV series. However, this could be a set up for how Michonne exits the series in Season 10 as Danai Gurira is set to bow out.


Maggie The Walking Dead

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Maggie left the Hilltop by choice to join Georgie’s group. It’s possible this distress call comes from Maggie, the Commonwalth, Georgie, all three, or some of the above. Then again, it’s possible this call came from none of the above.

The Walking Dead has previously revealed it his plans to bring Maggie back to the AMC series as a schedule conflict with Lauren Cohan is possibly worked out. However, her return is not yet guaranteed.

Who do you think was on the radio at the end of The Walking Dead‘s Season 9 finale?

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