Beyonce is an American singer and songwriter. Having established herself as one of the most successful singers of all time, she holds an astonishing number of 28 Grammy awards under her belt. She first rose to fame in the 90s as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child. Her singles from her debut album Dangerously in Love (2003) featured in US Billboard Hot 100 number one singles.

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Beyonce’s seventh studio album Renaissance came out on July 29, which has left the Halo singer amidst many controversies.

Famous Singer Kelis said Beyonce stole her Song

Kelis has allegedly accused the Crazy in Love singer of using an uncredited sample of her song from the 2000s. She claims that the song Energy on Beyonce’s new album is a complete rip-off of the uncredit sample of her own song. The 28-time Grammy winner has given her credit on the song as well but seemingly that was not enough. According to the Milkshake singer, it’s more of a theft than collaboration.

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Beyonce and Kelis in 2000s
Beyonce and Kelis in 2000s

Kelis took it to Twitter to attack Beyonce for stealing her song. Check out the video here:

Queen B Faces Backlash over Ableist Slur

Beyonce’s new album has been breaking records over the weekend. But there’s this one song Heated, that has caused the singer to face major ableist backlash on social media. The outrage is because of the word ‘spaz’. The original lyrics of the song were “Spazzin’ on that a**, spazz on that a**“. While used colloquially in the United States with a similar meaning to “freak out” or “go crazy”, in the medical field the word “spastic” refers to a disability. In this condition, the victim is not able to control their muscles, especially in the arms and the legs.

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Beyonce's new Album cover
Beyonce’s new Album cover

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A representative for the Partition singer has said “The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced.” The decision comes after the popular singer Lizzo also decided to remove the same word from her new song Grrrls after facing the backlash.

Source: Variety

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