It seems like Masashi Kishimoto and Hokazono Takeru share something in common and it’s not just creating popular mangas. Marvel and DC have always influenced different forms of media in one form or another. The latest in the line happens to be Kagurabachi, a relatively recent manga that rose to fame with just two volumes. Although it all started with memes surrounding Kagurabachi, the fandom continues to grow after the memes have faded.

Chihiro Rokuhira
Chihiro Rokuhira from Kagurabachi

Kagurabachi’s mangaka gave an interview with Asahi Shimbun, where he revealed that he grew up inspired by Marvel Cinematic Universe. He exclaimed that he has always loved Marvel movies because they are cool and exciting. He further mentioned that he has been exposed to Marvel, Naruto, and some other works for so long that it was impossible not to be influenced by them. On a similar note, Masashi Kishimoto also seems heavily influenced by Marvel movies.

Masashi Kishimoto Was Inspired By a Lot Of Movies

A still from Naruto

In an interview with Cinema Today, Masashi Kishimoto talked about the movies that even influenced the manga production. The interviewer asked him questions about his experience writing the movie script for Boruto: Naruto the Movie and his schedule to which Kishimoto replied that he finished writing the movie script by the end of January, while the script was completed around the end of February since it required corrections.

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The interviewer also asked Kishimoto whether there were any differences between writing a manga and a movie, and Kishimoto said that it was a fundamentally big change because he had studied books on writing manga scripts. Then the interviewer asked if movies were made into reference material for manga, and Kishimoto said:

There were a lot of movies I referenced. The one from which I drew the most influence in composition was The Rock. My favorite movies are Back to the Future and The NeverEnding Story. Also, I like hero stories, and I also referenced Spiderman. But there are too many works that I referenced, so they don’t all immediately come to mind (laughs).

It seems like even Masashi Kishimoto wasn’t spared from the charm of Marvel movies and could not resist getting into it. It is of notable interest that both Kishimoto and Takeru are such big fans of Marvel that their works were clearly inspired by it.

Kagurabachi Is On a Roll And Taking Over The Manga Industry

Kagurabachi Chapter 4
Kagurabachi Chapter 4 | VIZ Media

Currently, Kagurabachi stands at the top of the manga industry. Not only that, this manga has managed to surpass One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball toppling them from the helm of the manga industry. On top of that, Kagurabachi managed to do this with only two volumes up its sleeves.

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Hokazono Takeru admitted that the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a part of him in every possible way. The way Kagurabachi has been going at it, there is no wonder how it came to surpass leading mangakas like Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto. One factor behind the manga’s fame is the stunning artwork that leaves the fans waiting for more and the impressive storyline running parallel to the artwork.

You can read Kagurabachi on VIZ Media.

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