Eiichiro Oda offered a lovely tribute to One Piece, which has taken over the Las Vegas scene for a week to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The One Piece anime is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and it has once again gained popularity throughout the world. One Piece is being shown on the largest screen in the world as of June 10, 2024.

One Piece characters
One Piece all characters (Credits: Toei Animation)

The Las Vegas Sphere is the largest spherical structure in the world and a marvel of architecture. Since One Piece is the first anime and the first series to be shown there, it makes history, and fans are ecstatic. In light of this huge milestone, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda shares a heartfelt message and an adorable sketch.

Eiichiro Oda Shares An Adorable Message Celebrating One Piece‘s Las Vegas Sphere Showcase

One Piece Luffy
One Piece Luffy (Credits: Toei Animation)

Thursday, June 12, 2024, saw renowned One Piece leaker @pewpiece share the translated version of Eiichiro Oda‘s message:

Although the message was not made in person, the excitement of the author was palpable through the screen. And he has good reasons behind it. Starting on Monday, June 10, 2024, a newly produced animation sequence by Toei Animation is being played on the exterior of the Las Vegas Exosphere to celebrate the One Piece anime’s 25th anniversary.

The sequence will be on display until Sunday, June 16. As Oda emphasized in his message, it is the first time any Japanese content has been broadcast on the Sphere in any form, earning Oda’s series yet another historical accomplishment.

The Las Vegas Sphere display is specifically celebrating the 25th anniversary of the anime series, which is likely motivating other collaborations as well, seeing how it’s getting so much attention. Toei Animation is also celebrating the anime’s 25th anniversary with a special 25 Years of One Piece video uploaded on their official YouTube channel.

The video features all the memorable moments from each year the anime has aired, starting in 1997 and ending in 2024 with the ongoing Egghead Arc. Alongside the gigantic Sphere display and the celebratory video, an official English YouTube channel for the series was also launched.

The Las Vegas Sphere Display Is Not The Only Collaboration One Piece Has Scored

One Piece featured in Las Vegas Sphere
One Piece featured in Las Vegas Sphere (Credits: Mudkip Collects on YT)

While the Las Vegas Sphere display is the latest collaborative achievement for the franchise, several other notable ones will come in recent months. For example, December 2023 saw the franchise collaborate with the NFL’s (National Football League) Los Angeles Rams for their home game against the Cleveland Browns.

Moreover, in the coming months, MLB (Major League Baseball) fans will see the franchise collaborate with the Boston Red Sox during their home game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday, August 28, 2024.

Those who purchase a ticket to the game via a special offer will receive a bobblehead of the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy wearing a Red Sox uniform. Additionally, there will also be a pregame party with music, a cosplay event, and much more, as per the MLB’s official website.

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