Many female characters in comics are spectacularly awesome. Some of the most prominent names include Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman. Apart from these top names, there are other lady superheroes such as She-Hulk, Thor Girl, Batgirl, and others who overshadow their male version. While female superheroes should have knocked off male comic book heroes, these 10 actually ruined them.

From Thor Girl to She-Thing, these are the 10 female superheroes who ruined their male versions –

Thor Girl

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This is not a multiverse where Thor Girl is a variant of Thor. But somehow, yes, Thor Girl is quite a lady version of the God of Thunder. This version is quite lazy as it sounds like a character who has a name just because she is similar to some other characteristics of the universe.

Aqua Girl

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This character is one of the most inefficient things that DC Universe has ever built. Aqua Girl is the female version of Aqua Lad, who seems like been copy-pasted and created.

American Dream

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In an alternate MCU universe, Shannon Carter is a Captain America fan. She has even been a member of that world’s Avengers team. While the character has died years before, American Dream is still alive amongst a devoted contingent of fans. But in the end, the character lacked creativity which defines why it had to end.


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Obsession, who claims herself as ‘Superwoman,’ was a stalker who gone too far while stalking Superman. She got her powers from stolen enchanted coins in the late 1990s.


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Sunpyre is a carbon copy of Sunfire. Both are siblings to each other who seem more like clones when it comes to powers and abilities. They have everything in common; the costume, the name, and the authorities.


6 3

While she is the gender swap version of the Riddler, Quelle’s character is indolent. It even seems like some lady is just wearing a random Riddler costume for a fancy dress competition. That is perhaps why she failed to stay longer in the comic books.


7 3

X-23 has always been a watered-down gender spin character of Logan. Even when Marvel killed Wolverine, she was stuck to become the new Wolvie.

Lady Deadpool

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Lady Deadpool is that perfect example of a superhero that nobody needs. She is a cut-to-cut copy of Wade Wilson. The only good thing she does is that she offers an unconventional thought that being a superhero doesn’t mean you have to show your skin.

Red She-Hulk

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Betty Ross is the love interest of Hulk and has stayed for long in the comic world. However, she never became proficient enough to reflect her own abilities and powers. That is perhaps why fans prefer to consider other versions of the Red She-Hulk.


10 3

She-Thing was a carbon copy of Ben Grimm. The best example one could ever refer to while talking about copying others could be She-Thing.

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