Doomsday. The name impacts the very foundation of comics history. Doomsday has the only greatest victory that any supervillain has succeeded in defeating Superman. Over years, many beings have attempted to kill the Man Of Steel, but only Doomsday has succeeded where none other has. It’s a shortlist of superbeings who Superman himself fears, but Doomsday is on it.

Not even the Justice League could put up a fight against Doomsday. He’s the supreme force of annihilation, the type of beast that swallows heroes. If Doomsday was a part of the Marvel Universe, which heroes would have a shot to defeat him? Which ones would become prey to his wrath?

1. Doctor Strange

Doc Vs Doomsday

Doctor Strange is among the most prime magic-users of any universe. Armed with a bank of mystical things and knowing almost every powerful magic spell, Stephen Strange seeks to protect Earth from the dark magical forces that would seemingly destroy it.

Doomsday is a mine of physical annihilation, but Doctor Strange could manage to outthink the beast, restricting the destruction he spreads and then applying his magic to get rid of it. Strange just has so many options of dealing with Doomsday and all Doomsday can do is punch.

2. Thor

Thor Vs Doomsday

Thor, the God of Thunder and is immensely powerful. Equipped with the hammer named ‘Mjolnir’, he has been crushing monstrous creatures for centuries. He might think that Doomsday was some type of troll. He would probably underestimate the creature at first.

See, Thor is no noob. He could start out by assuming that Doomsday was no biggie, but he’d quickly realize the grave error he made and then increase the hit power. Using his mighty lightning bolts, battling smarter, Thor would succeed in defeating the mighty beast. He could lay Doomsday unconscious with a hit of his hammer on the beast’s chest, constantly attacking with all he’s got. With this, he might be able to succeed in defeating Doomsday.

3. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

The popular Silver Sentinel from Spaceways, Norrin Radd once used to be the Power Cosmic messenger of Galactus before going against his master’s wishes and leading out on his own terms, seeking redemption for all the mass killings his master made him commit. There are a handful of heroes in the Marvel Universe as virtuous and as lethal, as the Silver Surfer.

The Power Cosmic provides Silver Surfer the kind of destructive ability that would allow him to defeat Doomsday. He could atomize Doomsday with his superpower blasts, thrash him with his absurd strength, or apply his molecular control technique to vaporize him. Surfer certainly just holds too much power for a brawl with Doomsday.

4. Hulk


The angrier Hulk gets, the powerful Hulk gets. Hulk’s potential power is almost infinite and that’s the reason he would succeed here. Doomsday and the Hulk are identical in many ways- monstrous beasts of annihilation that could crush in their path. Even the collateral damage of their battle would be enormous.

However, as the fight continues, Hulk’s rage would rise. His strength would continue increasing, reaching heights like never before. His gamma-fueled healing factor would heal any injury that Doomsday does to him and, soon, Hulk’s immense level of strength would bless him with the victory.

5. Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider

What happens when the powers of Spirit of Vengeance and Power Cosmic become allies, and then add them to the Punisher, and let him unrestricted over the course of time? Cosmic Ghost Rider is the outcome. CGR is immensely powerful, a being who is the combo of Ghost Rider blessed with the Power Cosmic, and his perilous mental state makes him a gravely lethal opponent against Doomsday.

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