There is hardly a lack of victims when it comes to Harvey Weinstein and his s*xual harassment. And in this list of various women, another name has been added unsurprisingly. Although Weinstein is already found guilty and is serving his time in prison, it has not stopped another accusation to get added to the variables that already exist against him.

Recently, billionaire socialite Paris Hilton decided to open up about her experience with the disgraced producer. From her statements, she had been only a teenager when the accused tried to s*xually chance upon her. Although nothing happened in the end as security removed him in time, however, the experience left Hilton scared.

Paris Hilton Comes Out With Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Recently, Paris Hilton revealed that she had almost become a victim of Harvey Weinstein. For those unversed, this man is guilty of s*xually attacking various women of varying ages. Although he has already been sentenced for his conduct, Hilton also opened up about her experience with Weinstein recently. According to the socialite, the incident happened back in 2000, when she had only been 19.

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While attending the Cannes Film Festival that year, she had been approached by the accused producer who asked her if she wanted to work in films. Later, it turned out, it had been to s*xually chance upon her in the guise of talking. Luckily for Hilton, she passed the offer to visit him in his room. She revealed to Glamour UK saying,

“Security came and carried him away and he was like [shouting], ‘This is my party,’ going nuts. It scared me and freaked me out.”

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

According to her, after she refused to visit his room, Weinstein followed her to the bathroom and started banging on the doors. Luckily the security took him away. Being only 19 at the time no wonder she was extremely scared.

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Harvey Weinstein’s Fall From Grace

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

Former producer Harvey Weinstein’s criminal conduct surfaced back in 2017. Strings of women came out with allegations of any form of s*xual advances and r*pe. Most of the women had been in their 20s when Weinstein attacked them. He has multiple victims, going back to the 90s, in addition to Paris Hilton. Following that, in 2020, the jury found him guilty of r*pe and other related conduct. And as it went, he was sentenced to 23 years of prison. Recently, on 23 Feb, another 16 years have been added for another r*pe crime. This ensures the s*xual predator will remain inside the walls of jail for almost the rest of his life. The accusation against him helped to propel the MeToo movement.

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Source: Glamour UK

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