Recently, Balenciaga released pictures for their Spring/Summer 2023 collection. And since then the Spanish luxury brand is under fire. The collection involved children posing with questionable stuff around them. One of the pictures had a little child posing with a teddy bear that was in s**ual gear. While another picture though seemed innocent, on close inspection contained disturbing documents related to a sexual abuse case around a child model.

After the brand faced heavy backlash, it took down all of the collection pictures from its social media accounts. The luxury brand has also issued an apology statement via Instagram. However, people are still questioning why the brand has not been canceled yet. Celebrities have been called out for not speaking up against what happened. Kim Kardashian is one on the list. The American Socialite addressed the issue soon afterward saying she was disgusted by it.

What is the Balenciaga Controversy?

Balenciaga Controversial Ad
Balenciaga Controversial Ad

Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga recently released its Spring/Summer 2023 collection photos online. The collection showcased children in the brand’s latest collection. However, people were quick to point out the problematic presentation of the pictures. One photo showcased two little kids posing with a teddy bear. The questionable part was that the soft toy was styled in a s**ual gear. And the more disturbing was a picture of two innocent kids standing on a bed while some documents lay around them. On close inspection, it came to light they were court documents on some type of s**ual misconduct or p***ography case. One Twitter user wrote,

And soon afterward, Balenciaga has come under fire from people online. Twitteratis questioned the pictures with one user tweeting,

A British singer named Oli London also came for Balenciaga and its disturbing campaign

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With the oncoming flood of backlash, Balenciaga has since issued an apology and removed all of the photos and wiped their social media clean. The brand apologized for  “displaying unsettling documents in our campaign.” However, this did not stop the online community to come for the luxury brand. Many are questioning why Balenciaga did not get canceled like Kanye West or Tifanny Haddish.

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Kim Kardashian Speaks Up Against Balenciaga

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Numerous people dragged celebrities like Kim Kardashian for not speaking up against Balenciaga’s recent controversy. However soon afterward, Kim K broke her silence and explained herself while also criticizing the brand. She tweeted,

The SKIMS co-founder also revealed how disgusted she felt being a mother of four herself. She addressed the apology released by the brand saying, “I appreciate Balenciaga’s removal of the campaigns and apology.” The reality star also said that she would re-evaluate her relationship with the brand. Kim K tweeted

However, various people are still dragging the SKIMS co-founder following her tweets. According to one user, “What’s there to even think about? This debacle should have been a deal-breaker from the beginning.” With that many went on criticizing the American socialite online.

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