Former Disney turned adult-film star Maitland Ward recently talked about the dark side of Hollywood in her memoir Rated X. The adult film actress revealed a shocking story about her time on Boy Meets World. She further talked about how she was “discarded a lot by Hollywood” and how the adult film industry helped her in gaining more respect. Her purpose was to highlight the positive side of the adult film industry. Fortunately, leaving Hollywood was a good decision for her as she is earning well and living a better life.

Maitland Ward talked about her time on Boy Meets World

Maitland Ward
Maitland Ward’s book Rated X

Adult film actress Maitland Ward, who was once part of Disney’s Boy Meets World, talked about the dark side of Hollywood. She specifically named Disney in her book,

“They always like to pretend like they’re squeaky clean. But it’s like, actually, no. Especially these Disney shows, that are so family friendly and upstanding and they try to pretend like that they are something else than (what) they are.”

The actress further shared in her book that she was asked to change clothes for the producers of Boy Meets World,

“This happened more than once, as Rachel was the only character to consistently take off her clothes. An assistant would gather me from my dressing room and take me upstairs where I’d be provided with a series of options, some playful and girlish, some so provocative I knew that Disney would never approve them, but still I would try them on.”

The actress played the role of Rachel McGuire in Disney’s show which ended in 2000.

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Maitland Ward had to change clothes for the producers of the show

Maitland Ward
Maitland Ward as Rachel McGuire in Disney’s Boy Meets World

The actress further added that she was very often asked to change clothes for the producers behind a thin curtain. She also talked about the curtain in her book, “I’m sure they could see the silhouette of my naked form.” Then the producers of the show, mostly men, then passed judgment on whether the outfits “showed too much or not nearly enough to get the boys [watching the series] excited.

The adult film actress believes that she is doing a lot better now

Maitland Ward
Maitland Ward claims that she is earning well

Maitland Ward, who starred in Boy Meets World from 1998 to 2000, thinks that she took the right decision by leaving Hollywood and joining the adult film industry. She even recalled that she was “discarded a lot by Hollywood.” She said,

“You would (not) think a Disney star when she was young would become a top p*rn star. Not just making a s*x tape or something, you know? Like an actual, substantial, award-winning p*rn star, making more money and (who) has more credibility and respect that she did when she was young.”

The actress mentioned that reason why she joined the adult film industry was to highlight the positive side of it. The adult film star tried to prove that a lot of stereotypes against performers are not true.

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Source: PageSix

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