Zachary Levi, well-known for his role in the movie Shazam, attends the Joe Rogan podcast. The podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience is essentially a collection of rambling discussions, frequently over whiskey and marijuana, on a variety of subjects, such as comedy, cage-fighting, psychedelics, quantum theories, and more recently about the Johnny Depp trial. The following video is the entirety of the conversation revolving around the trial between Joe Rogan and Zachary Levi:

Shazam actor, Zachary Levi, expresses his thoughts on the case

Superhero: Shazam
Zachary Levi as DC’s Shazam

Zachary Levi recently attended the podcast of Joe Rogan and had a few thoughts to share. Among these thoughts, some of them were targeted toward the Johnny Depp trial. Joe Rogan mentions in his podcast that content creators have earned in the thousands just for reacting to the court cases that were streaming on YouTube at the time. The actor adds to this by calling it a circus as the serious issue of male victims gaining justice has been discussed in such a casual manner.

The actor’s thoughts have been respectful to both parties of the trial, however, his thoughts on the case being live-streamed is another topic altogether.

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Zachary Levi calls the entire trial a circus

Zachary Levine
Zachary Levine on The Joe Rogan Experience

They’re Just A Circus,” said the actor. He was stating a point that the Johnny Depp trial, even though it’s about a very serious issue, is treated as just another piece of entertainment. “I feel like it’s making us less empathetic ultimately.” Zachary Levi made a point to state that the internet is making the majority of the public detach from the real-world scenarios that we treat as soap operas.

Everyone just gets to sit around eating popcorn and judging the entire fiasco because it’s entertainment now. It’s like everything is content. Everything is entertainment.

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Is the internet really dividing entertainment from reality?

Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi at the American Underdog Premiere

According to Zachary Levi, the internet has been a very crucial element in pulling away people from the grounded reality of situations. “I do feel like we’re pulling farther apart being able to look at either her [Amber Heard] or him [Johnny Depp] and say you both have issues and you both need to work on some sh*t.

The actor continues to express more thoughts about the topic, however, does his point ring true? In the world of media where celebrities attending court cases can be streamed and discussed so casually, is entertainment tiptoeing the edges of reality and fiction? What are your thoughts on the subject?

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