Marvel revealed new details about the history of Sylvie and TVA in Loki’s new trailer, indicating that she was detained as a child. Loki’s new trailer reveals more details about Sylvie’s past, indicating that she was taken to TVA as a child. Although kept secret until the show was released, Sylvie quickly became one of Loki’s main characters, and certainly one of the most interesting. However, there are still many variants of Loki that have not yet been made public. It was not until the end of episode 2 that Sylvie appeared correctly as Loki. Until then, all that is known is that another variant of Loki has been ambushing TVA hunters.


Squad, steal your equipment and cause serious damage to the timeline. In Rocky Episode 3, Sylvie revealed more information about herself and her plans. She said she spent most of her life evading TVA, and her plan to destroy the timekeeper had been in the making for years. Obviously, Sylvie despised TVA and even referred to them as fascists at one point, but the show has not revealed the details of her relationship with the organization or why she despised TVA so much. In the mid-season Loki trailer centered on Sylvie, Marvel Entertainment revealed some new clues about the background story. The trailer shows actors Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie) discussing the roles, and intersperses some new clips from the upcoming episode.

Meet Sylvie Featurette | Marvel Studios' Loki | Disney+

Once, a young woman in an Asgardian costume was escorted through the TVA time gate, probably Sylvie. Check out the trailer for Loki below. The trailer seems to confirm the popular theory that Sylvie’s timeline branch was erased by TVA, putting her on the road to revenge. She also revealed in episode 3 that all TVA agents are actually brainwashed variants, which means that she may also be forced to serve a part of her life as the Guardian of Time.


Until now, the timekeeper’s habit of breaking the entire variant universe has been underestimated. Now, it looks like Loki will make more of these decisions. In another new scene in the trailer, Sylvie commented on Loki, which seemed to be about the sacred timeline and how unnatural he thought it was. “The universe wants to break free,” he said, “so it appears chaotic. Just like me. “It seems that Sylvie is serving a glorious purpose: to liberate the multiverse from the oppressive control of the guardians of time. If Loki is by her side, she may have everything needed to remove TVA.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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