The verbal feud between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul has once again made its way to the headlines as Danis has all of a sudden decided to show concern for Paul’s love life. Dillon Danis has set the internet ablaze with his recent comment on Logan Paul’s soon-to-be wife Nina Agdal. As the former hints towards having some explosive secret about Nina Agdal, his claims have sent a whirlwind of speculations and concerns across the internet.

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis
Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis

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Dillon Danis Takes a Dig at Logan Paul’s Love Life

The long-standing feud between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul has taken a new turn as Danis shows concern about Paul’s love life. Taking on X (previously known as Twitter) Danis has confirmed in a series of posts that he has some nasty secret about Nina Agdal the son-to-be wife of Logan Paul.

Logan Paul with Nina Agdal
Logan Paul with Nina Agdal

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Talking about this Danis claims that he has some of Agdal’s nasty pictures which could tarnish her image once and for all. However, understanding the legal issues that this might cause him Danis has decided not to share the pictures.

Not only this Danis taking on to his social media account has stated that Nina Agdal’s character is very wild and has also advised Logan Paul to call off his marriage with Nina Agdal.

As these comments of Dillon Danis in regard to Logan Paul’s fiancé have sparked speculation across the internet, even Paul has now come out in defense of Nina Agdal. Taking on to Instagram, Paul said,

“When I entered this fight, I knew Dillon was a sc*mbag, I didn’t think he would go this far as he did. But, you know, actions have consequences. Me and my girl don’t have to defend ourselves or try to prove our love to the world. My fiancee is a f*cking Angel. He’s twisted the narrative of her relationship with long-term boyfriends getting paparazzied over the course of her adult life. He’s good. He’s a good Twitter troll. But again, he gonna pay for it.”


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Well as the verbal fight between these two fighters seems to be having no end, fans are just excited as they are looking forward to their upcoming match.

Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul: What is the feud all about?

Both Logan Paul and Dillon Danis are set to return in the ring as their battle is scheduled in October this year. Although ahead of their face-off in the ring, both the fighters have been involved in a very heated exchange of words on the internet.

It all started when Paul posted a picture of his training session with a caption that read “Excited to start training camp”. However, much to everyone’s surprise Danis reacted to this post by accusing Paul of using steroids. Reacting to Paul’s post, Danis wrote,

“It makes sense why you turned down Olympic-style drug testing. You juice head, all that muscle mass – you’ll gas in that ring.”

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis

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Even Paul didn’t let that go as he publicly called Danis a liar. Responding to Danis, Paul wrote,

“You lied about this. You lied about wanting to go 8 rounds. You lied about the cease & desist. You lied about saving my life in NYC. You lied about being a real fighter.”

However, this social media feud did not see its end as Dillon Danis went ahead to drag even Logan Pual’s fiancé and mom into it. Even with the recent posts by both the fighter shows no sign of end.

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