Azealia Banks recently expressed her concerns about Taylor Swift and strongly criticized Matty Healy for his controversial remarks regarding Ice Spice. In her passionate response, Banks referred to Healy as a “lame poser” and directed various other harsh words towards him. This outburst from Banks followed closely after Healy addressed the problematic incident on the Adam Friedland Episode show, where Friedland made sexist and racist comments about rapper Ice Spice.

Banks took to social media to share a screenshot of Healy’s recent comments defending the controversial episode on Adam Friedland’s podcast. Holding nothing back, she launched a scathing attack on Healy, labeling his band as “cliché” and referring to him as “a small white opinionated male.”

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Azealia Banks shares her opinion on Matty Healy
Azealia Banks shares her opinion on Matty Healy

Azealia Banks Warns Taylor Swift About Matty Healy

Azealia Banks recently expressed her concerns about Taylor Swift potentially dating Matty Healy, urging her to reconsider. Taking to her Instagram stories, Banks went on a rant about The 1975 frontman, going as far as labeling him a “full-on incel” and more.

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Azealia Banks' Instagram Stories
Azealia Banks’ Instagram Stories

In her posts, the 31-year-old rapper directly addressed Taylor Swift, warning her about the potential consequences of getting involved with Healy. She wrote,

“Taylor, this guy is gonna give you scabies. He’s not on the level of powerful p–s you worked HELLA Hard to build.

Ugh, so many much cooler People in music to work with, James Mercer is honestly one of the best lyricists ever,” the New York native wrote. “Ugh this dude is a full incel. You cannot be letting him climb the rich white C–chie mountain sis.”

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift
Matty Healy and Taylor Swift

Banks then proceeded to suggest that there are plenty of other “cooler” people to date within the music industry. She specifically mentioned James Mercer from The Shins as an alternative, praising him as “one of the best lyricists ever.” In contrast, she referred to Healy as “a full-on incel.”

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Azalia Banks Really Hates Matty Healy and The 1975

Azealia Banks expressed her dismissive opinions about Matt Healy and The 1975 in a series of posts. Despite The 1975‘s success with their last four albums placing in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 album charts, Banks asserted, “Does Matt Healy know that no one actually thinks the 1975 makes good music?‘ She went on to criticize Healy, his band name, and his alleged envy of her success as a black artist.

Azealia Banks tears up Matty Healy and The 1975
Azealia Banks tears up Matty Healy and The 1975

Banks further boasted about the desirability of black women in the music industry, particularly in female rap. She made derogatory remarks about Healy’s appearance, suggesting that he was weak, drug-addicted, and lacking in talent. While she criticized Healy’s “small white opinionated male musician thing,” she exempted Ariel Pink, who attended a pro-Trump rally, from her critique.

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Banks also claimed that The 1975 drew inspiration from bands like The Academy Is… and Death From Above 1979 but suggested they would never achieve the same artistic success. She concluded by praising Ice Spice’s originality and asserting that The 1975 is not on anyone’s radar except for “fat emo teenagers.”

1975's frontman Matty Healy performs live
1975’s frontman Matty Healy performs live

In a second text post, Banks referred to Healy as being close to tetanus, using a provocative analogy. Banks concluded by criticizing Healy’s appearance, advising him to improve his diet and personal hygiene, and likening him to a “fake-a** Pete Doherty.” She shared her initial impression of The 1975‘s name as cliché and corny, assuming their music was manufactured.

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