In an unexpected turn of events, two children have lost their mother Lisa Lopez in a recent mass shooting. This incident occurred after the conclusion of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade, resulting in one death and others injured.

Mass Shooting
Lisa Lopez-Galvan gets killed in a mass shooting

Following this news all over social media platforms, fans are devastated and mourning over the loss. Among the injured people is Lisa Lopez’s adult son, who has suffered from a gunshot. The information was shared by the Kansas City Police on X (earlier Twitter), revealing that shots were fired west of Union Station. Lopez was a married woman in her mid-40s and had two adult children.

Lisa Lopez a Johnson Country Mother Dies After Mass Shooting: Leave Two Children Behind

kansas City Parade shooting
Kansas City Parade shooting (Image via People)

Fans have been heartbroken after learning about the death of a mother, Lisa Lopez, who worked as a Disc Jockey for a community radio station in Kansas City. The deceased mother was also a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, and while on the Super Bowl parade, she was shot. According to Y!‘s report, Lopez died during the surgery of the wound sustained to her abdomen.

Following this harrowing news, fans have shared their condolences to Lopez’s family and expressed shock at the incident.

Not only did the shooters take Lopez’s life, but also injured one of her adult children. Along with the injured son, there were reportedly two of his cousins believed to be minors. According to the details about the DJ, she is described as a vibrant personality who had an immense love for music. A decade-long friend of Lopez said:

“She was the most wonderful, beautiful person. She was a local DJ. She did everybody’s weddings. We all know her. She was so full of life.”

Currently, it is claimed that there are around 22 victims and one killed. The incident is being labeled as senseless and heartbreaking. Apart from Lisa Lopez, the names of other injured people are yet to be disclosed.

A Missouri legislator Along With Minor Daughter Survived The Mass Shooting

Manny Abarca
Manny Abarca opens up about the incident

A Missouri legislator who’s also the treasurer of the Kansas City Public School Board told CNN how he misses losing a friend at the haunting incident. Manny Abarca, accompanied by his 5-year-old daughter, immediately left the main area when they heard people screaming “guns” and “police.” Following the screams, they witness a crown running and panicking while running toward them. He said:

“I didn’t know exactly what was happening at the time, but people were saying guns, police, run… No one should have to go through this.”

While everyone was rushing to save themselves, Abarca and his daughter, along with some Kansas City Chiefs players, owners, family members, and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, found shelter in a nearby restaurant. The Missouri legislator was a friend of Lisa Lopez and is highly devastated after losing an incredible friend.

The Kansa City Police is sharing updates regarding the incident on their X (earlier Twitter) account and even asked for people who witnessed the incident or have any recorded proof of it.

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