Warning: SPOILERS for Halloween Kills

For the first time in years, Halloween Kills unmasks Michael Myers and boldly displays his face. Halloween Kills is a sequel to 2018’s Halloween, which was itself a resurrection of the brand and a sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original Halloween film. Michael Myers is once again on the search for Laurie Strode and her family. Michael Myers was thought to have died at the end of Halloween, but his breathing in the credits proved his life, and he’s now back for two more instalments in the series.

Mask Is Symbolic

 Halloween Kills
Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

Laurie Strode talked about wanting to unmask Michael Myers so she could witness the life drain from his eyes in the final trailers and promos for Halloween Kills. It’s an odd thing to do because the mask is as symbolic as the character himself, representing a faceless, ever-present threat. However, the Halloween franchise has previously unmasked him. In truth, when Michael Myers assaulted Laurie near the end of Halloween (1978), Laurie was able to remove his mask; at the time, he was played by Tony Moran. Similar situations have occurred in previous sequels and reboots, but now, for the second time in canon, spectators can see Michael Myers unmasked for the first time.

In Halloween Kills, viewers see Micheal Myers’ face

Halloween Kills
Michael Myers Unmasked in Halloween Kills

Michael Myers was technically unmasked during the first half of Halloween (2018), although the front of his face was never revealed. In Halloween Kills, viewers glimpse a portion of Michael Myers’ face from the front, but largely a side profile. It was a wise idea to remove Michael Myers’ mask and display just enough to satisfy fans while leaving more to the imagination because it’s practically difficult to figure out who Michael Myers is in the film; he’s still a mystery because Halloween Kills doesn’t show his whole face.

With Halloween Ends set to be the final instalment in this new Halloween trilogy, it’ll be the final chance to fully reveal Michael Myers’ face, whether he’s played by James Jude Courtney, who is the main actor in costume as Michael Myers in Blumhouse’s films, or Nick Castle, who originated the role in Carpenter’s film, even if he was only the person beneath the mask.


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