The flashback scene in Thor: Love and Thunder with Jane and Thor might complete Marvel Studios’ attempt to fix the events of Thor: The Dark World after Endgame.


Infinity War’s Attempt To Fix The Dark World

The flashback scene from Thor: Love and Thunder can fix Marvel Studios’ attempt to fix the events of Thor: The Dark World. While the franchise easily established Tony Stark and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it took them a while to discover how the God of Thunder could be placed. It was under process unless Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok showed up and established him as the Asgardian prince.

Credits: Marvel Studios
Credits: Marvel Studios

Instead of the brooding and dark theme of the original Thor movie, the 2017’s release brought light and brightness, embracing Jack Kirby’s aesthetic palette. The change in visuals was highlighted in Thor’s personality. From there, Anthony Russo and Joe took over the arc and continued it in Infinity War. But unlike Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Endgame decided to reinvent The Dark World initially but didn’t succeed.

Love And Thunder Might Fix The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World ended with the God of Thunder trying to refuse the throne. But apparently, he came back to Earth just to be with Jane. Moreover, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the couple looked growing strong. But, by the end of Ragnarok, they decided to split. Ever since then, the couple has not been seen together. Thus, this dropped relationship between Jane and the God of Thunder at least had something to do with their reprising role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond The Dark World.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit the theaters on July 8, 2021
Thor: Love and Thunder will hit the theaters on July 8, 2021

However, for some reason or the other, Marvel Studios failed to convince the character to come back. With that being said, Thor: Love and Thunder might achieve what Avengers: Endgame failed to bring on-screen. As a result, it will continue Marvel’s attempt to make up for Thor: The Dark World’s events.

While the couple was not well-received by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Love and Thunder could bring an opportunity to accelerate everything that could have made their love story more compelling.

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