Bruce Banner may be the most intelligent Avenger, and the Hulk might just be the most well built; sadly, all that force and smartness doesn’t save him from being the victim of the joke. He may consistently be mad, but at the same time he’s in every case pretty dumbfounded. All through his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it appears he is consistently behind and attempting to get on what he missed while he was, as he’d prefer to say, the other person. Regardless of whether it’s Tony jabbing and nudging him during The Avengers, or Thor attempting to quiet down the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok he’s consistently toward the finish of a very much positioned punchline. Frankly, we love each moment of it. These are the best jokes made at Bruce Banner’s cost in the MCU.

1. Of Course I was going to place this first! Works Every Time. 

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2. Work Speaks, Dr. Banner, we second Tony Stark. 

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3. Please don’t take any offense Hulk! 

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4. Good Luck Next Time! 

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5. It’s Getting Crazy Now.

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6. Different Leagues Bro! 

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7. Time Travel! Could’ve ended way worse. 

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8. Ahh, What a Gentleman! 

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9. Everybody wants to know it!

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10. Possibly Check In With A Doctor, And By That I Mean Definitely Do Visit One! 

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11. NOOO! Don’t Say That, Hulk Has A Lovey Room.

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12. Oh No! I Forgot My Spaceship License

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13. You Mean To Say That I Missed Something, AGAIN!?

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14. You NEVER Insult Hulk. 

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15. This Is So Awkward, Sorry Bud! 

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