The ‘genius’ villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are often tricked in the most mundane way possible. It is obvious when supervillain dreams about the grand schemes of domination, they forget to take care of the little things in their lives. As a result, the MCU superheroes get an opportunity to destroy these little things that result in a massive victory.

Not even the smartest of all the massive villains can stand up against the clever version of the MCU superheroes. Whether it is about Thanos’s demise or Mysterio’s loss, these are some of the many times when MCU supervillains got outsmarted by the superheroes.

When Dormammu Got Trapped In A Time Loop By Doctor Strange

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Dormammu is the ruler of the dark dimension. But despite its supremacy, Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange defeats Dormammu by trapping it inside a time loop. Time gets reset whenever Dormammu tries to slay Doctor Strange. As a result, the supervillain loses and agrees to leave Earth because this is what Doctor Strange demanded.

When Agatha Harkness Got Trapped By Scarlet Witch

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Scarlet Witch is perhaps the most powerful witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, unfortunately, she is not the most knowledgeable. Agatha Harkness holds that position of being significantly knowledgeable. As far as the events of WandaVision are concerned, Agatha has always managed to get closer to Scarlet to take her powers. However, even a super knowledgeable villain like Agatha slips the front row seat and allows Scarlet Witch to discover something intriguing. She figures out that if one witch uses her runes in a room, others can’t spell it. Thus, Scarlet uses this exact theory to swipe the magical abilities during Agatha’s moment of triumph.

When Ebony Maw Got Trapped By Spiderman and Iron Man

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While Thanos is perhaps the most powerful villain of this universe, he could not have won the battle against the Avengers without the help of his friends. One such friend was Ebony Maw, the most powerful member of the Black Order. But when Maw arrives to battle against the Avengers to capture the Infinity Stones, Spiderman sneaks into his ship with Iron Man. Both superheroes start to attack the Aliens and in between the fight, Iron Man blasts a hole that sucks Maw into the space.

When Iron Man Took Infinity Stones From Thanos

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Undoubtedly, Thanos is the most powerful villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the movies, he managed to get all the Infinity Stones and manages to restructure everything on the planet. To recover the lost lives, the superheroes of the MCU, the Avengers decide to do time travel. And at the end, when the final battle was ongoing in Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man gets an opportunity to kill Thanos and get all the Infinity Stones. The supreme villain gets defeated only because Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, deploys a clever sleight of hand and replaces the gems off, which eliminates Thanos from the universe.

When Peter Parker Foiled The Plans Of Mysterio

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Mysterio was a true genius. While working with Tony Stark, Quentin Beck develops a holographic technology that eventually Spiderman offers him out of his wise move. Later, the supervillain attempts to convince Peter that he is dying on the floor but Spidey’s Peter-tingle alerts him about the actual location of the villain that saves him from getting shot in the head.

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