The season finale of Titans was an amazing, epic character study of Dick Grayson as the former Robin who needed to put down his previous mentor. The Batman’s introduction on DC Universe was rough and grim, demonstrating a version of the Dark Knight fans aren’t accustomed to seeing.

Presently Alain Moussi, one of the stunt actors who depicted the character on Titans, gave a better look at the Batman suit with the assistance of his partner Justin Howell. Have a look as that it’s our best look yet of Titans’ rendition of Batman.

As you may notice, the outfit is significantly more strategic in its design, without the customary Batman chest emblem for a functional catch to keep everything together. It’s somehow reminiscent of the suit from Batman: Arkham Knight from the computer games.

Batman was teased vigorously all through the primary season of Titans, with Dick Grayson making it obvious there was a ton of animosity left among him and his mentor. Given how the season concentrated on the previous Robin in his endeavour to thwart his internal darkness and protect the youthful Rachel Roth, it was uncertain if we’d really see Batman on the show. Be that as it may, finale kicked in and gave us a Dark Knight we weren’t anticipating.

Titans showrunner Greg Walker recently talked with Entertainment Weekly about the choice to bring Batman into play through a bent vision created by Raven’s devilish father.

“I think one of the things that most intrigued me and brought me to Titans was this idea of depicting Dick Grayson and his journey as Robin in a very emotional and psychologically grounded way,” said Walker.

Walker talked about how the vision was vital so as to drive the story forward, completing the cycle in the narrative that started with Dick taking Rachel and turning into a surrogate relative to the troubled youngster.

“I liked it both thematically and I liked it from a cliffhanger point of view, and I liked that it focused, in many ways, back to where we started with the Dick-Rachel story,” Walker said. “It felt very focused and sharp and made you want to know how you’re going to pull him back from the brink of disaster, as it were.”

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