If you think Ben Affleck’s Batman was violent then get ready for Titans, as its Robin is way more violent, brutal and thirsty than Zack Snyder’s version of The Dark Knight. After the special screening of Titans at the New York Comic Con, one thing is clear, the show will set a new bar for DC violence.

Ben Affleck’s Batman was highly criticised by fans for breaking his “no kill” policy, so it’s a big question how will Titan fans respond to the new, violent version of Dick Grayson.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn Justice, Batman’s attraction towards the violent method is the point of the story. Many critics even pointed out that it’s not Affleck who deserves the blame, but Snyder’s overall vision of the DC Universe.

The Batman we saw in BvS had seen a lot of heroes fall and his own adopted son (Robin) getting murdered by Joker. His acceptance of injury, harm and death seemed more like symptoms than violence. When compared to Superman’s decision to kill, Batman only delivers concussions or broken bones. This seems totally understandable to me, to say the least.

Now Batman’s sidekick Robin has arrived in a more violent and lethal way. Even if DC claims that Robin is more violent, but not deadly, it’s still the same debate as in BvS, but with Affleck’s version of The Dark Knight not killing unless he’s forced to, Robin may find trouble claiming that all that violence seen in the promotional clips is harmless.

Well, he’s just Robin, at the end of the day. It’s The Batman who deserves to live by a higher standard.

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