Titans Season 3 had already been confirmed last year. The show will be a part of the DC Universe Streaming Service. But what we do not know is what story will the third season of the show follow? And what else do we need to expect in terms of new superheroes and villains coming to the Titans-Verse! It is time we do. Here’s Everything you need to know about the upcoming third season of Titans.

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Season 2 saw Dick Grayson assume control of the Titans and become their leader, leading the charge against new threats like Deathstroke, Cadmus Labs, and Doctor Light. A brutal retake of the original Teen Titans comic book arcs written by Marv Wolfman, Titans follows a group of young superheroes within the DC Universe that come together to fight evil and save the day.

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Season 2 of Titans debuted in the September of 2019. It later streamed on Netflix. Season 2 saw the Titans returning to Titans Tower and recruiting and training the next generation of Titans dubbed the Titans 2.0. Titans Season 2 had the core members of Rachel and Gar returning. Jason Todd, who was a series guest star in Season 1, became a regular cast member in Season 2. Hank, Dawn, and Donna also ret-conned to become a member of Dick Grayson’s original Titans team! The second season saw many big names making splashes like Connor Kent, Jericho, Bruce Wayne, and the infamous Garth aka Aqualad who had a serious connection with the season’s primary villain Deathstroke.

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Season 2 left a pair of shoes that would be too huge for its successor to fill. Season 3 of Titans will really have to dig in and find something to make the successor series live up to expectations. Here are all the updates regarding Titans Season 3

Release Date:

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A definitive release date for Titans is yet to be announced. From what we know, the third season was originally planned to be aired on HBO Max as well as the DC Universe app sometimes during 2021. It has been since pushed ahead of schedule and its new release day lies within Fall 2020. The series getting preponed raises a few eyebrows. Warner Brothers Television might be pushing it too hard. We do not want a rushed series that is totally not ready to air ahead of schedule. Hope DC knows what it is doing.


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Brenton Thwaites returns as Dick Grayson in the show. He will assume the role of Nightwing as seen in early photos. Anna Diop returns as Starfire, a long time Titans member. Gar is also set to return as Beat Boy. He is played by Ryan Potter. Curran Walters will also be coming back to play Jason Todd. Anticipated returning members for Titans Season 3 also include Joshua Orpin as Superboy, Minka Kelly as Dove, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, and Chelsea Zhang as Ravager. Chella Man might also be making way to Titans Season 3.

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The last season of the show saw Titans fighting and finally gaining the upper hand over Deathstroke. They also helped vanquish the threat of Cadmus Labs and helped liberate their inmates. There is no other threat that could be anticipated as of now. So we have to assume that there is going to be a new villain raising its head over the horizon. Rachel aka Raven has left the Titans. She is now with the Amazons, trying to use her powers to restore the fallen Donna Troy. She believes that her powers might have the key to bringing her back to life. The plot, like last season, will have multiple secondary villains and a primary antagonist who remains undisclosed even now.

The Super Villain

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There is a growing concern among the fans that the Titans will be caught off-guard by a very well-known DC Super Villain. Many claim that the Season 3 villain will be Lex Luthor. Things will not be as straight-forward. Black Fire is back on Earth as seen in the second season. She could also serve the role of the antagonist. Another rumored super villain for Titans Season 3 is said to be Brainiac. Considering Brainiac has already been used as a villain in Krypton, it would be foolish of Titans to bring him back again as the bad guy.

New Additions to the Team

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The Titans Panel in DC FanDome revealed a lot of unheard of details regarding the new Titans show. The third season will see a few older faces wearing new masks as well as the addition of two newer ones. Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl/Oracle of the DC Universe is coming to Titans. Doctor Jonathan Crane, otherwise known as the popular Batman villain Scarecrow, is also making his way to Titans Season 3. Gordon will be the new Police Commissioner of the City. She apparently has a history with Nightwing but wants the vigilante superheroes out of her curb by any means necessary. Scarecrow will be a criminal consultant whose services will be used by the authorities from time to time to nab psychopaths running amok in the city.

Under the Red Hood

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What should be the most exciting news for fans of Titans is the rise of Red Hood. Curran Walters, who plays Jason Todd in the show, will be donning the mask of the Red Hood and going on a hunt to take down his former team mates. The exact story as to how he descends into a path of vengeance remains unknown. What we know is that the Red Hood will go against the Titans and try to hunt them all down for some reason. Maybe the show’s newest super villain addition – Scarecrow, has a hand in turning Jason Todd to the Dark Side. Nonetheless, the Red Hood will prove to be more than a match for Dick Grayson’s Titans 2.0. We can’t wait for Nightwing and Red Hood to start trading fists and kicks in Titans Season 3.

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There is a lot DC is not letting out. Things are pretty air-tight at the moment. Titans Season 3 is being kept under heavy wraps. Expect a lot more secrets to unfold with time. Until then, stay tuned for further updates.


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