The fifth episode of Titans was titled “Together”, which explored how the team managed to hint over shared exploration of their powers. While this showcase of metahuman abilities was good for Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven, but when it came to Dick Grayson, he seemed more reluctant to show his abilities and identity as Batman’s sidekick.

In most of the episode, Dick dances around this issue at hand: only opening himself up to others, forming real bonds of camaraderie. However, all of this fell aside when the Nuclear Family finally caught up with the Titans, trying to finish what they’d started.

In order to save his teammates, Grayson finally suits up as Robin to fight against the Nuclear Family foes. When the battle gets over, the Titans are shocked to learn that the cop they’ve been hanging out with is actually the legendary Robin.

Gar, then, wishes to hang out with Batman and asks Robin courageously, “So uh, Batman… You know him?… Are we going to see him? I’d really like to meet Batman.”

To which Dick promptly responds: “No, you’re not.”

This little dialogue exchange between Gar and Grayson was a moment of meta-humour that is meant to deliver only one message to fans: F**k Batman!

All the fans who are still hoping for Batman to appear in Titans should give up, already. The show is already expanding its corner of DC universe. With Doom Patrol coming with its own series next year, Titans is already bringing a lot of DC characters beyond its principal players, such as Jason Todd (who also made his debut at the end of the episode) and Nuclear Family.

Titans is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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