Venom was created long back by Todd McFarlane and ever since the character has gone on to become one of the most popular villains in Marvel. Recently, its creator Todd McFarlane shared a page of his Spider-Man art on social media, revealing the circumstance that led to the creation of Venom.

The post shows a page of Spidey soaring high in the sky and McFarlane explained that this page led him to create Venom. Here’s what he said:

“This is the page that CREATED Venom!!! If I didn’t like the #classic look of #spiderman so much, Venom would never have existed. Here’s why… When I took over the artwork for the Amazing Spider-Man comic artistically I wanted to draw #Spidey in his red & blue costume…but he was wearing a black costume at the time.
Marvel said they would bring back the ‘classic’ look in issue #300 if I joined the book (which I did on issue 298). Problem was…what to do with the black costume. So I came up with the alien/monster look and we had a new villain that none of us knew would be such an important character for #Marvel.
#venommovie #weareone #venom #villain #happyaccident #accident #surprise #SPIDEY”

With Sony releasing their standalone Venom film later this year, McFarlane took to the situation to compliment the creators for their vision of Venom in the film. McFarlane had earlier hoped for a solo Venom R-rated film, just like Deadpool and Logan. Here’s what he said during the interview:

“The only thing that’s warming my heart — I mean Tom Hardy is obviously a good choice —the thing that’s warming my heart is they’re saying it’s going to be R,” McFarlane told “So now the question is (and I haven’t read the script), like what does that mean? Because again, we’ve seen a couple ‘R movies’ right? I mean we’ve seen Logan and we’ve seen Deadpool … So it would be interesting to me to see what they do. I mean I know what I would do if they gave me that character; I would scare the s— out of people with it. I don’t know if they want to go that far with it, cause again, you can sell a lot of shirts and toys if you don’t completely scare people, so it will be interesting.”

Venom stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom and will hit the theaters on October 5, 2018.

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