Hollywood is known for its love of swag, and during the holidays, there is one A-list Christmas list that everyone aspires to be included on. We are discussing the list of one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

Yes, we’re talking about Tom Cruise’s Christmas list.  

What do you give as a Christmas gift to those who have everything? The Top Gun: Maverick star may have thought this to himself when selecting a gift for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Every year, Cruise makes headlines for his unusual Christmas gifting practices. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

The actor sends special coconut cakes to all of his friends and co-stars during the holiday season via private jet from Los Angeles. While it’s also a tradition for the royal family as each member typically exchanges cheap gag gifts for Christmas. However, a Hollywood star cannot present royalty with a silly hat or a singing toy hamster.

So, here is what Cruise ultimately chose to give the royal couple. 

And to add that the special gift, intended only for those whom the Mission Impossible star holds dearest; solidifies Prince William as one of his close friends.

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What Christmas Present Did Tom Cruise Give The Prince and Princess?

Tom Cruise reportedly spends $100 on each ‘White Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake’ he sends to the close people on his Christmas list each year. He always purchases these ‘White Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cakes’ from the Woodland Hills, a California-based Doan’s Bakery.

One source told The Sun about the significance of being included on the Jack Reacher actor’s Christmas list,

“This is pretty much the Who’s Who of who matters in global entertainment and showbiz. Adding the royals to the list just shows how their star power travels.”

Last year, his close friend told The Sun about the actor’s special Christmas present and the reason he goes to such trouble shipping the cakes around the world.

“It is extravagant, but Tom is an incredibly generous person and he wanted to do something special for everyone.”

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Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t the only famous people for whom Cruise purchases Christmas presents. Every year, the actor buys the same holiday presents for a number of his dearest celebrity friends. 

The cake, which costs just over $100, is referred to in Hollywood as the “Cruise cake,” according to a statement made by Kirsten Dunst.

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The Maverick Shares a Special Bond with Prince William

During the U.K. premiere of his newest film, Top Gun: Maverick last year, Tom Cruise was joined by members of the British royal family. Cruise even went on to claim they “have a lot in common”.

On May 19, 2022, at Leicester Square’s for the Top Gun: Maverick premiere, Cruise was joined by Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, on a red carpet lined with A-list celebrities. In the film, which was released more than three decades after the release of its first part, Cruise reprised the role of US Navy pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. 

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Less than two months after the film’s debut, the 60-year-old actor was spotted at the women’s final of the 2022 Wimbledon tennis tournament in London, just a few rows behind the then-Duchess of Cambridge.

According to The Sun, given their interactions throughout the year, he made the decision to include the Prince and Princess of Wales on his Christmas list. 

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Source- CheatSheet; The Sun

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