Hollywood star Tom Hardy is no stranger to stealing the show. Remember his tough-guy role in Mad Max: Fury Road, or the villainous Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? Those were just a few of his many memorable performances.

Tom Hardy in WarriorTom Hardy as Tom Conlon in Warrior (Credits: Lionsgate)

People are starting to wonder if Hardy could become a big-shot director too! Jeff Nichols, the director of Hardy’s movie – The Bikeriders – said the same interesting thing about the A-lister. Not only that, but one of the scenes in the film also suggests that he could soon be calling the shots behind the camera.

Tom Hardy’s Directorial Prowess is on Full Display in this One Scene

Tom Hardy and Austin Butler in The Bikeriders
Tom Hardy and Austin Butler in The Bikeriders (Credits: Universal Pictures)

Jeff Nichols, the director famous for movies like Mud and Take Shelter, praised a scene between Tom Hardy and Austin Butler in their film, The Bikeriders. He called it “one of the most erotic moments I had ever seen on film.”

The filmmaker went on to explain the opening bar scene in which Benny (Butler) walks over to talk to Kathy (Jodie Comer). He sits down, wearing a sleeveless shirt that shows off his muscles. After the first take, Hardy jokes, “Hey, Austin, just turn your chair around.”

Butler does it. He props up his glistening biceps and triceps on the chair, making them stand out even more. This little tweak made the scene pop with more visual impact. Not only the director, but even fans also thought the scene was amazing. Check out some fan reactions:

This isn’t just about a steamy scene, though. It shows the Hammersmith native’s talent for creating tension and intimacy, which are key skills for any great director.

Would Tom Hardy Ever Take the Director’s Chair?

Tom Hardy as Eames.
Tom Hardy as Eames in a still from Inception (Credits: Warner Bros.)

Tom Hardy has learned a great deal about filmmaking from his years of working with top directors like Christopher Nolan and George Miller. It’s not just about sharpening his acting skills — he has seen firsthand how stories turn into movies, from script to screen. He’s picked up the art of directing actors, handling cameras, and editing along the way. This hands-on learning could be really valuable if he ever chooses to step into the director’s chair himself.

While the 46-year-old hasn’t said for sure if he’d ever take the director’s chair, he did hint at an interest in it during an interview with Collider Ladies Night. That was eight years ago, so who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see Hardy directing a blockbuster film!

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