Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland has finally revealed that the Iron Spider suit is his least favourite among all Spider-Man suits. The actor revealed this while he was being interviewed about No Way Home with Zendaya. The Iron Spider is among the many suits that Peter dons in the recently released Spider-Man film. Holland is joined by Benedict Cumberbatch, Jacob Batalon, Zendaya, with Willem Dafoe, Jamie Foxx, and Alfred Molina will reprise their villainous roles from old Spider-Man films.

The History Of Iron-Spider Suit In MCU

Iron Spider suit
Iron Spider suit

The Iron Spider suit was initially teased in Homecoming where Tony Stark gives the suit to Peter with an offer to join the Avengers after Tom Holland’s Spider-Man beats Vulture. While Peter declines Tony’s offer, he finally wears the suit as he goes to space in Infinity War, carrying it in Endgame and Far From Home. Though the suit features heavily in the film’s marketing, the Iron Spider suit returns in No Way Home, even drawing comparisons with Doc Ock’s tentacles.

While appearing in an interview with IMDb alongside Zendaya, Holland was asked if he has a favourite suit. He reveals that the Homemade suit from Homecoming remains his favourite, he has a stern disliking towards the Iron-Spider suit. He further stated that the golden gauntlets make it pretty hard for him to move his wrists, even joking that they would constantly bruise his hands and were also quite unrealistic.

Check out the full conversation below:

Far Frome Home
Far Frome Home

Tom Holland: Do you want to know what annoys me about it? Those stupid gauntlets, right? You can’t do that with his wrists?

Zendaya: That’s where you draw the line, in reality, dude?

Tom Holland: Yes! That’s why people love these movies, because albeit, it’s fantastical, logistically it makes sense! Mate, imagine the bruises he must have on his poor hands!… There’s cool aspects to it, it’s just the hand thing irritates me. That’s why when I shoot webs in the suit, I don’t do this, I do this!”

The suit with Stark technology has been quite a concern for writers in the MCU. Jonathan Goldstein, known for writing Homecoming, revealed that he feared the Iron Spider suit will draw comparisons to Iron Man. Until now, the suit has been only teased in Homecoming and was left behind in New York in Far From Home, allowing Peter to grow as a character outside Stark’s influence.

The suits developed by Stark have been a point of debate for long among Marvel fans. Most of it is based on its ties to Tony Stark, while Holland’s dislike towards the suit comes from a more practical sense. With No Way Home teasing the return of the Iron-Spider suit and finally, meeting its match when facing Molina’s Doc Ock, Holland will not have to worry about wearing the suit again.

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